Easy on the Eyes – Top 4 Eye Cosmetic Safety Tips for Women

January 11, 2013

Because of the wonders of makeup, women are able to feel beautiful at a moment’s notice. However, the gift of beauty also involves responsibility. When using makeup, it is extremely important to take precautions to ensure your health. Eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner can enhance a woman’s eyes, but they can also be harmful when not used correctly.

Avoiding the Poke

Women are known to multitask; however, this should not apply to the makeup application process. Sometimes, the slightest movement can lead to more than a smudged line around your eye. It can cause serious damage. For example, applying eyeliner in a moving vehicle can lead to an accidental poke in the eye. As a result, you can experience anything from irritation to injury, including scratching your cornea. When applying eyeliner, be sure to stand still, face a mirror and hold a steady hand. No distraction is worth increasing your chances of an eye infection or injury.

Top 4 Eye Cosmetic Safety Tips for Women

Top 4 Eye Cosmetic Safety Tips for Women

Removing Contact Lenses

If you want to avoid a trip to the eye doctor or even the emergency room, you should always be conscious of the state of your eyes. Just as you should never sleep in your contacts, you should also never remove makeup or apply a facial scrub before removing your contacts. Whether you wear hard or soft contact lenses, debris can fall into your eye and cause discomfort or even infection.

Throwing Out Old Goodies

Your favorite mascara may have seen its final days. If your mascara is dry, don’t run it under water or use saliva to moisten it. By attempting to prolong the life of your mascara, you are increasing your chances of infection. If you apply saliva to your mascara wand, you are spreading bacteria from your mouth to your eye. If you use water, it will dilute the preservative that is used to fight microbial growth. In order to protect your eye from harm, simply throw out your old mascara and buy a new one.

Keeping Makeup Where It Belongs

Creativity is a positive quality to possess unless you are causing harm to yourself. When applying makeup, you should be creative with your designs but not your instruments. If you own a lip liner, you should only use it on your lips. You should never use your lip liner as your eyeliner. By using these instruments for various purposes, you are transferring bacteria back and forth from one location to another. For example, some color additives are only approved for lips and can cause damage if you applied to your eye. Avoid unnecessary infections by keeping your makeup where it belongs.

It may cheaper to keep old eyeliner in your makeup kit. It also may be easier to take off your makeup, while your contact lenses are still in your eyes. However, every time you take a risk with eye makeup, you are increasing your chances of doing permanent harm to your eyes. While beauty can be fun and daring, your health should never be taken lightly.

Chelsea Hasbrouck is an optical technician. Her articles deal with the practical side of wearing contact lenses for women. For an online contact lens store with a complete range, visit the Lenstore.co.uk

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