Dressing to impress: Fashion tips for your next interview

December 18, 2018

They say that your wedding day, or even the birth of your child, is meant to be one of the most important days of your life. For some people, another event can trump this though. This comes in the form of an interview.

For some of you, it might be your first interview and as such, you’re probably a nervous wreck. For more experienced readers, you may have found yourself in this position on umpteen occasions. Nevertheless, the normal advice remains, and your dress code can be a big part on whether you succeed or fail at this stage of your application.

Taking this into account, let’s take a look at some of the key fashion points you need to think about before you turn up for your interview.

You need to prepare accordingly

No, this first point isn’t about researching the company in question (although this should be one of the first things you do). Like we said, today’s advice is all about fashion and this means that the bulk of your early preparation should revolve around what you are wearing.

Applying for a manual job, at an informal company? There’s every chance that this isn’t going to require anything overly special. However, for anything beyond this, a suit might be your best friend. Take a look at https://www.reiss.com to help you along your way.

A final point revolves around overdressing. You will never get “marked down”for this, but suffice to say you can lose out if you under dress for your interview.

Always judge a man by his feet…

Some of you might have heard this saying, but unfortunately it can be very true. In short,some people will judge you immediately by what you wear on your feet, so be prepared.

Again,overdressing is going to be much more acceptable in these cases, and you should never discount the power of dress shoes. Whether they have open or closed lacing they can work a treat, and show your potential employer you mean business.

There are some no-go areas, though. For example, unless you are applying for a super in formal company, slip-ons just ooze of unprofessionalism. Avoid them like the plague.

The small details matter

Finally, you should always look to boost yourself with those small 1% benefits. For example, while not securing your top button might seem perfectly fine to you,to others it’s a quick sign that you really aren’t that bothered about the job in question.

It doesn’t stop there, either. A common mistake made by a lot of men is to not iron their shirt, for the simple reason that they are wearing it under a jacket. Well,this can be a critical error, for the same reason as above. In other words, its creams out that you haven’t really put much effort into the job in question.Don’t forget that some parts of your shirt are still on view and the creases won’t go unnoticed.

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