Different types of lingerie for getting the perfect fit

October 6, 2012

Market is full of so many different types of lingerie like lace bras, padded bras, spots bra, non padded bras, etc. sometimes it becomes very difficult to select the best one which can give the perfect fit. It is very important to understand the styles and types so that the selection can be done for getting the perfect fit and look. Here are certain types, which can help in making the selections like:

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  • Full Cup: This type of bra is very good for everyday wearing; they are very comfortable and give very good shape. They are perfect for wearing under high cut tops and shirts, women with bigger cup sizes should opt for this type as they give full coverage and makes the appearance good. The straps of these full cup bras are positioned centrally and are wider so that proper support and lift is achieved.
  • Sports: The sports bra is popular among the women, who are involved into any type of sports or outdoor activities. They are wireless and have stretching material, which provides very good shape and makes the person feel comfortable while exercising.
  • Demi Cup: These bras are perfect for wearing under dresses with plunging necklines as they cover half area of the breasts. These bras look sexy as they only provides 3/4 coverage, they are liked by women, those who like to wear deep necklines.
  • Push-Up: These types of bras are best for smaller and medium cup sizes as they help in uplifting and accentuate the cleavage. They give a fuller look and go perfect under every type of clothing, these push up bras, mostly come with pads. One can select from the half or full padded bras available in the same type.
  • Multi-Way: This type of bra is a must to have as they can be worn in any way as pr the need, the straps are adjustable and can be removed for wearing under halter neck tops, strapless tops. Even the straps can be used as a crossover for wearing under cross over back tops, thus one can adjust them as per the requirement and can dress up in style without any hassle.
  • Plunge: These types of bras are angled, they have lower front than the demi cups and are best to wear under plunging V-necks. non padded bras support the breasts from the sides and the base   then the front, every woman should have them for wearing under sexy dresses in any party.
  • T-shirt bra: They are the most liked bra types among the women, youngsters love them as they are comfortable and east to take care. The cups are seamless, which makes the perfect for wearing under light color dresses and hugging shits.
  • Balconette: These bras can be used by all types of figures; they are designed in such way that they uplift the figure and provide good support. They best go under the scooped and sweet heart neck lines; the underline strap is wider and offers proper support.

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