Different Methods to Remove Blackheads

February 14, 2019

Nothing is more frustrating than Blackheads while dealing with skin care problems. It gets congested on your nose, chin and face, even sometime on your back and legs. It is one of the most common skin care concerns today among people. Some people are not even aware of these pesky and little black emerging dots. On another side, some get overwhelmed trying every method in the book to remove it. Sometimes you try to squeeze them, use tons of face washes and face masks, nose strips and what not. Find the one-stop solutions and methods listed here to remove your blackheads, suggested by the expert dermatologists.

Different ways to remove Blackheads

  1. Popping your blackheads to clear your pores

One of the initial ways to remove your blackheads is by clearing the pores on your nose or face. You have to pop your blackheads to clear up the nose pores. It seems quite scary,but you need to clean and careful with it. Wash your hands before popping the blackheads; otherwise, it can make your skin even worse. If it is done correctly, popping blackheads can be a really fast and effective way to remove it. Make sure you had a warm shower before the process so it can be easy to clear up the pores. You can also use the cotton dabbed with astringent to squeeze on either side of the pores to remove the dirt. After the process, splash the cold water to your face to wash it and also wash your hands properly afterwards as well. Remember not to use any other tool or thing to squeeze or clean pores other than the cotton.

  • Preventive Measures to reduce or prevent blackheads

Another effective way to remove blackheads is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This might seem not a treatment,but it is indeed one of the most effective ways to reduce, prevent and remove the blackheads. Make sure you develop a habit to wash your face twice or thrice a day. You can use the face wash, face scrub or face pack in different times required but not too much. Make sure you don’t touch your face most often as the bacteria, dirt or germs in your hands merges with oil on your face to create blackheads. The pollution, dirt, dust and other external factors also cause blackheads on your nose or face. You can reduce it by taking such preventive measures, especially when you see it growing or at an initial stage.

  • Cleansing to remove blackheads

Cleansing is the most fundamental and easiest solution to remove blackheads. Most of the people do not realise but just cleaning their face or nose with the right method can help it. There are different natural home remedies for cleansing to remove blackheads. You can use mix honey and cinnamon to use the solution to dab your pores with cotton. Wash it with warm water to remove the dirt from the pores.

Similarly, you can use egg-white to pull out any clogged or jammed dirt from the pores. You can create clay mask with the use of powdered clay mix with apple cider vinegar to make a paste and apply it on your face. Leave it as for 10-15 minutes to dry and rinse off it with lukewarm water. There are various home remedy combinations used to clean the pores and remove the blackheads such as oatmeal and yoghurt, fenugreek paste, turmeric and mint juice and many more.

  • Exfoliating to clean your pores

Another process to remove the blackheads is trying various homemade natural or herbal remedies. The process of exfoliating means to remove the dead skins so you can prevent, reduce or remove the blackheads. You can try a home-made exfoliant like lemon and salt to remove the dead skins and grime buried in the pores. Use the solution of lemon juice, a tablespoon yoghurt and some honey to make the solution and scrub on the affected area. After leaving it, you can rinse with warm water. Similarly, there are different exfoliant solutions you can make at home to scrub with. You can also try green tea scrub, baking soda and other such solutions as well.

  • Consulting professionals – Spa & Clinical treatment

Apart from these natural remedies, preventive measures, cleaning and scrubbing, there are some other methods to clean your blackheads. Some clinical and chemical treatments are there to use when you are not so sure about using natural remedies. Professionals are there to assist you in the cleansing, exfoliating and removing of back heads in spa or skin care health clinics. There are cleansing strips to clear up the pores as well. These strips come with a sticky solution on it which pull out all dirt from your pores. There are various facial treatments you have in spas which is focussedon removing blackheads, cleaning the pores, remove the dead skin and more skincare problems. There are other chemical treatments such as microdermabrasion which is about chemically clean your skin and remove the dead cells with a specialized brush. You can contact spas and dermatologist clinics for this.

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