Dazzling World of Gems

September 18, 2012

A very common phrase, “Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. It would be appropriate to say, “Jewellery is girl’s best friend”. Jewellery is basically a form of personal accessory such as pendants, brooches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many more. Jewellery can be of many forms. It may be made of gold, diamonds, precious gems and many more. The main purpose of wearing jewellery is to look appealing. In the very beginning of the era, jewellery used to make up of stones and old beads and slowly and steadily precious stones started taking shapes and sizes. People started moulding them into different appealing designs and used to give them different forms.

There are myriad numbers of brands retailing jewellery such as Thomas Sabo Charms, Pandora, Guess, Hot Diamonds, Lucet Mundi, DKNY, Armani, Rado, Raymond Weil, Oris, Tissot, Toy, Ice, Juicy Couture, Lorus, Seiko, Avia, Rotary, Dreyfuss, T.W.Steel, and Casio and many more. Such brands have expertise in retailing amazing designs of jewellery. They attain lot of stones, branded watches and beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Dazzling World of Gems

If we do not think about retailers and keep a mind-set of customers then there are plethora reasons of buying jewellery. They are as follows:

  • Jewellery is a form of investment for customers. Their prices keep on increasing with increasing market.
  • It gives you an appealing look.
  • It provides you financial security. It can be used at time of financial crunch.
  • It bestows you high status in the society.
  • In some cultures like in South Indian culture, it is found holy to wear gold jewellery.
  • It is used functionally like use of pins, buckles etc.
  • It is sometimes used symbolically for example for religious affiliation etc.
  • It is artistic display of beads and jewels.

Apart from all the above points, one also buys jewellery for the sake of culture. Most cultures believe to bestow dowries in the form of jewellery for the safety of their daughters. Wearing lucky pieces and devotional medals to bestow protection from evils are common in most cultures; these may take signs of different symbols like animal body, stones etc. Not only this, there are myriad numbers of gems and stones used as jewellery. Some of them are gold, diamonds, emeralds, Jade, Quartz, Ruby, and Sapphire and many more

Jewellery has strong impact on society. It denotes status. For example, in ancient Rome only few ranks could wear jewellery or rings. However, these days body jewellery like piercing is accepted by few people and is rejected by few groups.

Apart from all the technical facts and cultural issues jewellery is mostly loved by women. It gives a beautiful look to them. Different jewellery with different colours is used by on different dresses. Women are mostly very specific about their accessories specially jewellery.

Hence, at the end all we can say is, let’s buy some of the amazing gems and jewels and get yourself pampered by wearing different beautiful gems. Buy few amazing branded jewellery like Thomas Sabo Charms, Armani etc. and get dazzled in world of gems.

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