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April 3, 2013

Whether you want to have a BBQ or bonfire, Hawaiian Luau is the best theme for your fun fiesta. Vibrant colours, floral leis, and crazy costumes, everything about this theme exudes excitement and fun. To pull together a fun-filled luau party, all you need to do is choose one of the outdoor London party venues and decorate it. The best part of throwing a Hawaiian luau party is the decoration. Here is how you can arrange luau party ambience that will transport the guests to a Hawaiian Island.

Dazzling Decoration Ideas for Your Hawaiian Luau Party

Dazzling Decoration Ideas for Your Hawaiian Luau Party

A Tropical Venue

Do not worry if you cannot plan a beachside party. A little bit of décor will help you create the similar look you want. Why not hire a garden? The tropical look will complement your theme well. You can enhance the look with some additions like fake palm trees. There are plenty of outdoor venues, marquees, and garden venues for hire in London.


Your choice of colours can affect the ambience and mood of the party. Think of an Island when choosing colours for your Hawaiian feast. You can use shades of blue to reflect the colours of sky and water. Green, yellow, lime, red, and other electric colours will make the venue look like a tropical oasis. These vibrant festive colours will brighten up the environment and set the party mood.

Table Decorations

Give a makeover to the tables by hanging grass skirts around their edges. Also, place flower vases in the centre of the tables. Colourful tableware will gel well with your theme as it incorporates all the tropical shades into the party ambience. Serve drinks in hollow coconut shells with straws. Don’t forget to put small paper umbrellas.

Scene Setters

To create a mesmerising first impression, place hula girls’ statues on both sides of the entrance door. Decorate the venue with flower leis and bring Hawaii right into your venue. If the party is being held outdoors, hang tiki torches from the branches of the trees. For full Hawaiian effect, hang wind chimes, flamingos, and wooden parrots. To light up the venue, use strings of fairy lights and paper lanterns. Also, make sure to place sea shells and faux star fish covered in sand to give beach like look.


Fire is an important element in a luau. If you are having the party outdoors, you are in good luck. You can easily arrange a bonfire and make your party a big hit. To create the same effect indoor, you can hire a venue with a fireplace. Enhance the luau mood with the help of dim lights, rustic lanterns, and flickering candles.

Hula Hoops

Forgetting hula hoops in a luau party is not a choice. Place brightly coloured hula hoops all around your venue to inspire people to join in the activity. You can arrange a hula hoop contest too and award the winners with themed prizes like colourful candles and wind chimes.

Use these decoration ideas to create the perfect party ambience and make your luau party one to remember.

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