Current Nail Polish Trends – 5 Colors To Try

April 25, 2013

For the current spring season, nail color is just as important as clothing and accessories. Getting a great match to your skin tone can be the perfect finishing touch for those fashion conscious ladies. While it may not break the bank, having this stylish accessory is a must have for the current spring season. Here are five colors to try that can match just about any skin tone and make you look marvelous, darling!

Current Nail Polish Trends – 5 Colors To Try

Hot Nail Trends 2013


Mochas are one of the most richly colored nail polishes and can work with most skin tones from a light pecan to a rich, deep mahogany. Rich and deep, many manufacturers make mocha in a variety of shades. No matter if you want high end nail polish or department store polish, consider the mocha shades for dark skin tones.


Medium skin tones will look fabulous in buff colors such as Butter, Nude and other buff colors. Extend your gorgeous look all the way down to your toenails and fingernails for a very complementary look that will work wonders for a totally polished and put together look that is very impressive.


Blanched colors such as Minka, Ivory, and Nude are best for fair skinned ladies. These are perfectly complementary to all fair skin tones and no matter what color you choose, you will be delighted with the results of this nail polish. It provides a simply glamorous look on nails and is the fashion accessory you don’t need to be without this spring.


Light complexions work well with light brown colors such as buff, fawn and wheat colors in the Brown range. Some nail polish colors in this category would be Mademoiselle and Shay colors, but your local retailer of choice will have a full line of these brown colors that are perfect with any clothing style and just adds a touch of finish to your fashion looks.


Rich colors such as terracotta, sienna and sepia are just some of the colors that blend well with olive complexions. Some nail polishes to look for are Mamba, Tea and Toast and Butterscotch. Give your fashion some oomph with this collection that works well with beautiful olive skin tones. The addition of this type of nail polish is the perfect touch.

Looking your best may not be so hard after all. These perfectly complementary nail polishes are a great idea for a high fashion look, or just because they make you feel better. Even nail lacquers are getting into the springtime act and are just as complementary to your skin tones. No matter whether or not you use lacquer, you will have beautiful hands that will draw complements. Another fashion accessory that some do forget about is pantyhose. Complete any fashion look with plus size hosiery. Create a beautiful look no matter where you are going by completing your look with hosiery. Together, these two items can create a high fashion look without breaking the bank.

So to be fashionable, consider these nail lacquers and polishes as a part of your fashion routine. Perfectly matched nails are very complementary and give you a well presented look that will be commented on time and again. It doesn’t cost a fortune to look good and with judicious use of nail polish will allow you to have a very healthy look that is beautiful and uniquely your own.

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Christine Busta has her eye on the world of Fashion and Fashion accessories. Since she is plus sized, her knowledge about plus sized hosiery can help her clients find the right size and style for them.

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