Curl is Back: Fashion Tips for Curly Hair

September 12, 2018

Curls are back and are now the new trend in 2018.  With celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake, Rihanna, Daisy Ridley opting for curly hair, it is indeed the new trend this year.

If you have a naturally curly hair or if you’re thinking of trying out this new hair trend, this piece is a must read for you.

Face Shape and Curl Style

Before deciding to wear that curly hair, it is important to determine which curl hairstyle best suit your face shape. Different hairstyles may add an appearance of symmetry to your face or draw attention to certain features.

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Curl is Back

If you have an oblong face, opt for a layered curl hairstyle through the back, sides, and top. The extra width in the sides reduces the vertical length of the face which makes it look wider. For a round shape face, plenty of curls and height at the top best suit you as this make a face appear longer and more oval.

Uniform layers in the back and sides suit a rounded shape face. The layers at the top create height and body and help disguise a squarer jawbone.

If you have a diamond face like Christina Aguilera, you can mimic her hairstyle by cutting your hair just below the shoulder length and layer the end. The layers on end are creating an illusion of width which makes a face appear wider and take the focus away from the narrow chin. You can also add angled bangs to reduce the overall appearance of the face length.

How to Curl Long Hair

Now that you have determined which curl hairstyle best suit your face shape, it’s time to curl. There are different ways on how to curl long hair, medium or short, whatever hair size you have.

With the flooding videos of the bloggers on the net, you can see that there are a lot of tools that you can use to curl your hair. You can even curl your hair by using a sock! Cut the end of the sock and roll it like a bun. Ponytail your hair using the sock bun and wrap your hair around it. Let it stay for the night and you have your curls in the morning.

You can also use flat iron or hair curling wand. However, hair stylist Kirsten Patterson advised using hair protectant before subjecting your hair to heat. She discouraged using hairspray as it can damage your hair. Rollers are also a good alternative as you don’t have to subject your hair to heat.

Dress the Curly Hair

It’s time to dress up! Thick and curly hair add some volume to the upper part of your body. Balance it by wearing a low neckline dress or tops. Tube top, off-shoulder top, scooped neckline blouse, button-down shirt, and a wrap dress will give a proportion to your hair features making it look more stylish. Avoid wearing rounded tees and turtleneck sweater as they will overwhelm your face.

You can also play with prints and outfit structure to compliment your look. If you have big hair, go for big prints to match your hair. Opt for cape style blouse and a pair of flared jeans to balance your overall look. Flares on the bottom will balance the heavy thick hair on the upper part. Avoid using too conservative and closed outfits as they will make your hair look a bit heavy and out of proportion. Opt for crop top when wearing pants and a shorter skirt or short.

Consider your curly hair when looking for a hat, headband, sunglasses. Opt for cat- eye sunglasses or aviator to add some edge to your face. A sporty cap can also make your curly hair look natural. Avoid wearing wide-brimmed hats as it will make your upper part look heavier than the lower part. If you want to add more style, consider adding some piercing for women that match your hairstyle.


Matching fashion with your curly hairstyle should not stress you out. Heed to the styling tricks above to give your curly style a more high fashion look. Applying the tips above will make you feel in this 2018.

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