Creepy and unusual crocheted masks – try out these at this masquerade ball

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Crocheted masks are fun, and they’re excellent for any type of masquerade ball, too. Unlike some other types, these knits are extremely cozy. They’re excellent for winter parties, and they’re creepy enough to dazzle kids of all ages. Masquerade balls have gone mainstream, and the more outrageous they are, the better for attendees. Here are some creepy crocheted masks you might like to try for your next masquerade party.

Batman Bane inspired crocheted mask

If you’ve seen the famous movie The Dark Knight Rises, then you certainly remember the evil Bane character with his covered mouth. The Bane inspired crocheted mask is such a cool handmade beanie that you can wear at any type of masquerade ball. Whether it’s a formal or informal event, this mask will surely attract some attention.

Batman Bane inspired crocheted mask pattern design ideas pictures

Batman Bane inspired crocheted mask

Transformers inspired crocheted mask

Are you a fan of Optimus Prime? This cool crocheted mask inspired from the famous Transformers movie will definitely turn some heads around. It is ideal for a masquerade ball in the wintertime, and it’s also super cool. 100% handmade, the mask looks well-knitted and rather ingenious.

Transformers inspired crocheted mask pattern design ideas

Transformers inspired crocheted mask

Stunning mannequin crocheted mask

Now this is creepy. The crocheted mask looks interesting, yet it covers the whole face and it gives the impression that the girl in the picture wears a bandage on her face. Striking and somewhat revolutionary, women can wear this sort of kitted mask at opulent masquerade parties, too. Leaving aside the peculiar aspect, the mask will give a vintage appeal to any type of outfit.

Stunning mannequin crocheted mask girl pictures, images, wallpapers

Stunning mannequin crocheted mask

Bizarre octopus crocheted mask

This bizarre octopus crocheted mask certainly looks interesting. Nobody will ever recognize you at a masquerade ball with this disguise on. Some would agree it looks like a ski mask, and it’s just incredibly creepy. From what we can see from the picture, the mask is handmade and it could be worn on Halloweens and at funny masquerade parties.

Bizarre octopus crocheted mask free pattern masquerade 2014

Bizarre octopus crocheted mask

Weird-looking blue crocheted mask

This crocheted mask is without a doubt scary. It almost looks like a turkey, and it’s twisted enough to come in a light blue color. Others would agree that the mask is artistic and rather appealing to the eye. If you’re attending a themed party where you must dress as freakish as possible, this weird-looking knit should do the trick.

Weird looking blue crocheted mask pattern masquerade

Weird looking blue crocheted mask

Colorful knitted mask with lots of layers

This mask is absolutely stunning, in a weird way. From what we can observe in the picture, it was handmade and it looks complex. The color combination works perfectly, so if you want to attend a masquerade ball and get noticed, this knitted mask is surely the perfect choice. Not many would have the courage to wear this at a ball, but if you’re feeling courageous, go ahead and make an impression.

Colorful knitted mask with lots of layers pictures, images, photos

Colorful knitted mask with lots of layers

All-white knitted mask

Featuring a dead-ish appeal, this knitted mask looks interesting. It is perfect for Halloween, but it can also be worn at a masquerade event. The knitting seems extremely meticulous, so the person who made the mask must have spent a lot of time crafting it.  By wearing this beanie you are unrecognizable; so if you want hide your identity, this disguise is perfect.

All white knitted mask free pattern masquerade pictures

All white knitted mask

Crocheted Panda Mask

This funny panda mask is not exactly creepy; but it’s interesting to look at and it features a very unusual appeal. Are you preparing for a wild masquerade party with your mates? Because if you are, this disguise will help you stand out for sure. Suitable for both males and females, you could easily compliment it with a funny panda costume, just to have a complete outfit.

Crocheted Panda Mask pattern for masquerade

Crocheted Panda Mask

Masquerade balls are all about dressing as weird as possible. If you want to make an impression and dazzle the people around you, choosing creepy and unusual crocheted masks is certainly the way to go. It’s not that difficult to choose a masquerade mask for a themed party; however, it is important to make a good selection in order to draw attention. Kitted masks are strange, and that fact alone makes them so remarkable. Unlike some other types of masks, these are attentively crafted and extremely detailed. Guests will definitely notice your exquisite sense of style, even if it may be interpreted as being too extremist.

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