Create The Ultimate Summer Outfit With These Awesome Prints

August 4, 2013

Wearing clothes with prints can create an amazing and flattering look. However, choosing the right type of print is important if you want to pull off this style. There are a number of printed clothing items around which can add oomph to any persons wardrobe. Whether you wear bold prints or more subtle prints, there is the right print out there for you! Here are some ideas on which style will suit you best!

Create The Ultimate Summer Outfit With These Awesome Prints

Geometric Prints

If you want to be bold and add a dash of colour to your wardrobe then geometric prints are the way to go. The bold coloured circles and squares will add a pop of colour to any persons clothes. Not only will these prints look great during the day but you can easily pull them off when you are out on the town. If you are looking for a change of trend then geometric prints are certainly for you as they create a contemporary yet stylish look.

Animal Prints

Animal printed clothes have been in fashion for a long time as the pattern is considered to be exotic. Not only can you pick up your traditional leopard print clothing but other animal prints such as zebra are now in fashion. Not only can you dress in this print for going out but you can easily pull this look off in the workplace. This pattern will certainly make you stand out! If you want to ensure you wear this print accordingly then you should pair a leopard print tee with some nice straight leg jeans and heels. This will create a sexy look and will definitely make you turn heads. There are now a number of different colours available in this print so you don’t need to stick with the traditional brown and caramel shades.

Floral Prints

You can’t miss out on the all new trend of floral print this summer. If you want to create an elegant yet girly look then you need to get your hands on some floral print clothes. Maxi dresses and cute shorts are certainly a wardrobe must have. You can pick up the floral printed clothes in either big patterns or you can create a subtle look with smallish prints. If you want to create the ultimate summer look than floral is the way to go. There are also a number of fashion accessories such as handbags and hair bands. Complete any floral print look by wearing the right type of accessories. Make sure you don’t overdo it though!

Abstract Prints

Abstract print has been around for quite some time and is recently hitting the high street stores once more. If you want to add a dash of colour to your wardrobe then this is the print for you. The abstract trend is available in a number of different looks. You can go for a floral number, stripes and even an aztec design. Bear in mind that smaller prints will make you appear smaller whilst larger prints have the opposite effect. If you want to pull off the abstract print look then you should go for darker colours along with smaller prints. Bolder prints will look great if you have a slender frame and want to add curves.


Wearing stripes can make you appear slimmer and leaner, depending on which stripes you choose to wear. If you wear horizontal stripes (stripes that go across) then this will make you appear slimmer whilst vertical stripes creates the widening effect. Stripes are certainly in this summer and many people can be seen to wear striped jeans paired with plain white tees. The stripe pattern is so sought after due to its versatility and effortlessness. Whether you prefer to wear dark or bright colours, this print will certainly not disappoint!

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