Cowboy Boots – Dos and Don’ts

May 20, 2014

Recently stylish boots have made quite a comeback on the women’s fashion scene. We can spot different designs and styles of boots right from celebrities at red carpet events to the teenager walking down the street. There are many celebrated companies that are known to add a unique and trendy touch to their cowboy boots. For instance, Ariat boots for women are popular the world over for their classic design and funky touches. TheYork, Lowland or Westchester Baker Zip are models of fashionable boots that add a oomph to your outfit. Many of us want to buy such signature shoes, but are lost at the challenge of finding a pair that is perfect for our personal dressing style.

Before you look for some pairs, it may be wise to go through your wardrobe once. Sort out dresses, outfits and skirts that you would like the boots for. According to these clothes, you may be at a better position to select the color or style of your boots. Right now cowboy boots for women are all the rage. Let’s start by looking at what works best with them. Such boots are a complete no-no for work outfits, unless you work as a rodeo! These boots can be worn with skirts, jeans, dresses and shorts.

Cowboy Boots For WomenSkirts
Cowboy boots in black, grey, fawn or brown can add a little sass to any skirt and tee ensemble, regardless of the length of your skirt. All you have to do is make sure to balance your outfit. Meaning, if the skirt you are wearing is tight, you can keep the top a little loose or frilly. On the other hand, if your skirt is flowy and has flair, wear a well-fitted top. If you are short, it may be best to wear skirts that are cut at least a little above the knees. Wear a flowy floral skirt with a plain brown button down vest and boots to make a style statement.

These days, skinny jeans are in. While cowboy boots are tough to pair with bootcuts, skinny jeans can simply be tucked into the shoes to give you that OMG effect. Plus, the blue of the jeans and the brown or black of the shoes make a fashion statement of its own, no matter what you wear on top. For a fun date or weekend shopping with the girls, pair your skinny jeans with a short white pagan shirt and brown boots.

Shorts and cowboy boots don’t make the best combination, but can work together if you put in a little effort on accessorizing. The key is to keep it simple. Choose a denim or khaki pair of shorts that is not too short. Now team it with a funky t-shirt that fits well but does not hug your body completely. Wear the boots and add just one accessory to add a jazzy touch. An unusual metal necklace or a chunky bracelet might do the trick.

Avoid plain color in dresses, anything else will do. The only thing you need to take care of is the length. Anything too short or too long can make you miss the mark. Printed sundresses are ideal for this look. Add a girl-next-door touch by wearing hoop earrings.

Now that we are done with the Dos, let’s move on to the Don’ts. The list is small but critical. You must always wear boots at appropriate occasions. For example, cowboy boots to the gym or a formal function can look very tacky, even if the ensemble is great. Another no-no is a Western style outfit. We know you love your boots, but there is no need to look country, unless you live there!

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