Color or no color? how to determine what color options to use on your tattoo

April 2, 2013

Every tattoo is going to be different, but just how different you want yours to be is a matter of personal taste. There are many different inks that are used in the creation of tattoos. The inks that will be used in your own is going to depend on the design, as well as what sort of colors you want to add to it. A lot of people may choose to get a tattoo that has a range of vivid colors, while others may want a few subtle blends. Many more may simply choose a single color: the most common tends to be black ink. Black ink stands out pretty well on those who have pale skin, but this can sometimes be seen as a little to strong. Thankfully, there are a number of lighter shades in colors such as brown that you can use instead. At the end of the day, this is all going to be up to you. It is a good idea, however, to take the time to determine what color options you want for your tattoo.

Color Vs Blank Ink Tattoo

Color Vs Blank Ink Tattoo


Colored tattoos will obviously cost more than a single-colored tattoo, primarily because there are going to be more materials used in its creation. If price is going to be an object for you, then you will need to speak with your tattoo artist in order to determine something that is not only going to fit your pocket, but will also make you look good and give you the tattoo that you want. It is always best to come up with a budget before you decide to proceed.

The Black Ink Tattoo

The black ink tattoo is one of the most common types because it is easy and black always looks good. Some people may decide to get a design drawn in black tattoo, and then add in the color later. For those who only have a certain amount of money to spend, this is a good idea. You can get your tattoo done piece by piece, allowing it to grow with every session. When you feel that you are ready for this, you can allow your artist to add a little bit of color to the design.

Black tattoos are recommended for beginners because you can add onto them later. If you feel that the black tattoo you have designed is the best option, then you no longer have to proceed with it. If you do feel that you have changed your mind later on, however, then do not hesitate to start looking at different color options. The great thing about this is that you can also partially change the tone and style of the design, if you leave enough room to be flexible.

Overall, a tattoo is meant to reflect your personal tastes. You need to make sure that you have designed something that you will be proud to display on your body, such as those in Kits de Tatouage.

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