Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

May 12, 2013

Sunglasses are meant to not only protect your eyes from the sun, but they are also a stylish accessory at all times of the year. There are many ways to figure out what type of sunglass is going to look good on your face’s shape. Here are some ways to get the right fit.

First of all, the sunglass size should be in proportion with the face size, such as smaller sunglasses fit better for smaller faces and larger sunglasses for larger faces. The shape of the frame should be the opposite of the shape of the face to give the sunglasses some contrast.

Your face shape is dependent on what type of frame to get. For an oval face, you are in luck as most frame styles will work great on you. If you have more of a round shape, you will want frames that make your face appear longer and thinner, so frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of the face will minimize curves and add definition. Angular and rectangular styles work the best. If you have a diamond shape face, oval and square frames will help soften the contour of the face, ensure that the frames are no wider than the top of the cheekbones.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

For a square face, oval, round, and cat eyes frames work to reduce the angles and give the face definition. A more oblong face works well with round or square frames, decorative frames also add width to the face. Triangle-shaped face benefit from cat eyes or frames with a straight top line, sometimes frames with rimless bottoms will work well to accentuate the eye area more.

These are the basic shapes of faces, although you might find that your face doesn’t seem to fit into any of these shape categories. If you are unsure, try on sunglasses of all frame shapes to determine what the best look is for you. This is merely a guideline for the type of sunglasses that work on different face shapes, however no face is truly the same, so using these as a way to limit the number of sunglasses you have to try on is the best route to take. Sunglasses are meant to be fun and add style to your accessories, making you feel confident and comfortable. Keep in mind that your skin tone and hair color affect the sunglass frame decision as well.

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