Choosing the Right Shoe for the Occasion

February 19, 2013

When you’ve got a special occasion to attend, picking the right outfit can be tricky, and then there’s the matter of shoes! Whether you need inspiration before you head out to buy a new pair of high heels, or you just want to know which of your existing footwear is suitable – here’s a guide to choosing the right shoe for the occasion:

Every day Wear:

Forget special occasions for a minute, choosing a great pair of everyday shoes can be really difficult. They need to be stylish yet affordable, comfortable yet durable. Think about shoe shopping, it’s common to spend more on one designer pair for that big party than you would the shoes you go down to the supermarket in. Does that really make sense? Spend more on your everyday shoes and you’ll be ensuring your comfort for longer. Some women can’t live without a heel, but always go for a shoe that offers inner foot support. Ballet pumps, brogues, court shoes and ankle boots make brilliant everyday shoes.

Choosing the Right Shoe for the Occasion

Choosing the Right Shoe for the Occasion

Party Wear:

Choosing a pair of shoes for a night out can be a lot of fun. Here’s where you get to choose some killer heels or bright pumps you’d never be able to pull off at work. Party shoes are your chance to make a fashion statement. Comfort doesn’t need to be top of your agenda for this occasion; you’ll only be in your sky-scraping stilettos for a few hours, so you can take them off and enjoy the relief when you get home!

Wedding Wear:

Unlike the bride, who may make several changes, you could be wearing your fancy shoes all day long; they need to be comfortable and take you easily from day to night. High heels may be the obvious choice, but how about opting for wedges instead? They are much easier to walk in and offer more support when you’ve had a few drinks at the reception; it’s much harder to topple over in wedge shoes.

Holiday Wear:

Don’t make the big mistake of packing with only style in mind; when you’re off on holiday you should make sure to pack a pair or two of really comfortable and practical shoes or boots, for walking around new destinations. There’s nothing worse than getting blisters in the sweltering heat of a foreign town, unsure where the pharmacy is or when you’ll find the next place to sit and rest. Comfortable shoes don’t have to be ugly however, choose a stylish trainer or a pair of simple ballet pumps which have support for the arches of your feet. If you’re taking sandals or flip-flops, try wearing them in at home first. The separator which sits between your toes can be a nightmare when brand new – ouch!

Office Wear:

Chances are your fashion sense needs to kept conservative in the workplace. Opt for something comfortable you can slip in and out of under the desk. Suede, leather and patent shoes always have a smart appeal, whilst low-mid heels and wedges give height without looking to foxy.

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