Choosing the right colour is the key to corporate clothing success

May 7, 2013

A lot of importance is given while choosing the right business attire for your staff. Corporate uniform is not merely used to make your employees look nice. It is a branding opportunity. It gives you the chance to strengthen and reaffirm your brand image. This means that the corporate clothing you choose needs to coincide with your business; the industry you operate in, the message you are trying to give off, and the current colours used on your business’s logo and other marketing platforms. In fact, colour is one of the first things people notice when they look at what someone is wearing. Because of this you need to give a lot of thought to the colour of your business’s uniform.

The first thing you need to do is choose between dark and light. It is important to decide between the two before you begin to delve deeper into the different colour options available. Both offer benefits and it depends on your business and the type of professionals you employ.

Dark colours are great for showcasing wealth, power and authority. This makes dark uniform ideal for those who are highly skilled. Dark colours are ideal for corporate professionals who interact with other business professionals on a daily basis via meetings, conferences, and alike.

Corporate Clothing

On the other hand, light colours are great because they are more approachable. If your staff are dealing with customers all of the time then a light coloured uniform can work well. This doesn’t mean your staff members need to be dressed in white from head to toe. You can simply substitute a black shirt for a light colour.

You can now begin to consider the different colours that are available. One colour to avoid is green; this is especially the case for male attire. Certain shades of green are associated with those who work in a hospital or a veterinary clinic. Because of this green can lack the corporate vibe you should be looking to achieve.

Alternatively, grey is a popular choice when it comes to corporate clothing. You can find dark and light shades of grey and therefore you can use the information divulged earlier to your advantage. Nonetheless, in general grey is a great choice because it is associated with success.

Black is another recommended choice, especially for businesses dominated by females. Black is professional and sophisticated, yet it is also easy to wear as well. It presents a blank canvas and still allows individuality. After all, you often hear that a black dress is the staple to any woman’s office wardrobe.

And finally, another colour worth considering is blue. Many people deem black and grey to be too boring, however blue presents you with the opportunity to keep it professional yet also add a bit of style and excitement at the same time. Another great thing about blue is that it is a colour associated with dignity and decorum.

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