Choosing the Products that make your hair Shine and Bounce

November 21, 2012

there is perhaps nothing is more frustrating than having dull, lifeless hair that seems to ignore everything we try to do to make it look great.  We spend countless hours teasing, curling, spraying and cursing in the attempt to make it look absolutely great, only to have it fall an hour later.  We forget that it may not be our hair that is the problem, but our poor choice of products instead.

Make your Hair Shine and Bounce

Take the Time to Find the Right Products

With options like Tigi hair products and so many other products on the market, there truly is no excuse for not finding the right products to suit our hairs needs.  It is silly to expect a product intending for dry, thin hair to work well on hair that is prone to being oily or is very thick.

By taking the time to look through the aisles at products like Thalgo products and many others, we give ourselves the chance to properly match our styling and shampooing products to the hair we have.  This, in turn, leads to a head of healthier hair that has the chance to shine and bounce the way we want it to.

Is the style worth the time?

Another factor in how our hair looks is the amount of styling we do.  There truly is such a thing as too much effort.  Depending on our hair type, spending two hours styling our hair may cause more harm to the hair than is worth.

If we find ourselves standing at the mirror and growling at the results of our efforts, it may be time to find another style that better suits our hair.  Fine, straight hair may not be best suited to a mass of curls or waves.  In such cases, it is best to simply find a look that works for us and our hair, rather than spending more time and money on results we do not like.

Are we using too much?

Finally, consider how much product is being used.  Products like Tigi hair productsand other products like them often do not need to be used in large quantity.  This means there may be more products being used than is necessary, which can weigh the hair down and make it seem harder to work with.

Try using fewer products to see if the hair has more life to it.  If so, stick with it!  It is not unusual for different types of hair to require less or more product.  Find the amount that is right and do not stray from that amount.  This will save not only time, but product and money as well.

Ask the Professionals for advice

Talking to the local stylist and asking for advice about ways to improve the health and style of our hair is a huge resource.  These professionals have been taught to recognise hair types and perfectly match them to the right products, styles and treatments to make them truly shine.  By asking plenty of questions, choosing the right products like Thalgo and finding the correct style, we can easily achieve the shine and bounce we desire for our hair.

Kathryn Baughman is a freelance writer.  She spends time blogging about different subjects such as Tigi hair products in the health and beauty industry.

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