Chinese Flying Lanterns for Brightening Your Occasion

January 11, 2013

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your relative or a friend? If you are not able to find something unique and interesting, then you could consider buying Chinese lanterns. The great thing about these lanterns is that they can be easily bought online, and also from local stores that sell imported items.

Chinese lanterns are famous all over the world because of their unique and stunning looks. In the last few years, Chinese flying lanterns have been in high demand. They are also popularly known as sky balloons, sky candles or fire lanterns.  They are inexpensive, look beautiful and can be used for decorations in many ways. Many people like a flying Chinese lantern or flying lanterns as they are extremely attractive when they float in the sky. However, they can be unsafe for flying creatures since birds may consider them as their food. Consuming them can cause a lot of problems for birds and such creatures, thus, people who manufacture flying lanterns have now started creating them from harmless and biodegradable materials. These lanterns are highly cost effective and safe.

Chinese Flying Lanterns

Chinese Flying Lanterns

People of China have used Chinese lanterns for thousands of years to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The sky lanterns were also used for safety purposes by the military. Flying lanterns in the sky worked as a tool to make people aware that armies are arriving. Nowadays, Chinese lanterns are used for almost every occasion as a means for bringing charm and good luck.

There are numerous reasons of purchasing Chinese lanterns. People use them to decorate their parties or for adding a touch of exquisiteness to their wedding venues. Online stores contain a massive collection of Chinese lanterns, which are of high quality as well as being easily affordable for customers. Chinese lanterns are available in different colors, shapes and sizes to match the requirements of every occasion. You can also receive discounts on your purchase when you buy lanterns from online stores. However, it is important to look for a reliable and trustworthy store so that you receive high quality and affordable lanterns.

Apart from the large variety of designs of Chinese lanterns available, there are also simple flying lanterns that can be used for custom printing. You can choose a simple sky lantern and add you own tag line, company logo as well as an image. They work great for advertising purposes. With the availability of custom printing, you can add your choice of images and content to your sky lanterns. Chinese lanterns are famous since they are creatively handmade by skilled professionals. They are made from a rice paper, which is oiled to prevent it from catching fire or breaking. It is attached to a very light weight bamboo frame. A candle or any lighting device is added to this frame. You just have to light the candle of a Chinese flying lantern to make it fly. After the candle is finished, the flying lantern naturally falls to the ground.

You should find a large open space to fly your lanterns. Ensure that there are no trees or buildings to prevent the lantern from getting entangled. Also, it is important to check for any rules and regulations in the area where you are planning to fly your lanterns.

Abbie is a freelance writer and researcher. She loves decorating her house with lanterns on various occasions. A flying Chinese lantern or flying lanterns are a great way to make your party cheerful and memorable.

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