Change your Hair Color and look amazing

April 16, 2013

Are you afraid that hair color might damage your hair? Don’t be, hair coloring will add a spark to your personality and make you look stunning. We have plenty of hair color ideas for making you look stylish. Go beyond that regular natural color and try out in-between shades. Many amazing hair colors available today that include ashy blonde, beige brown and many more hair shades to choose from. You can also experiment with white-meets-bottle-blonde. If you like to stick to the natural hair color then you could try to add highlights to it which will make you look trendy. You might get many hair color ideas for looking stylish but it is essential to decide the hair color carefully. Here, we give you some tips which will surely help you when you select the best hair color to look gorgeous.

Change your Hair Color and look amazing

Change your Hair Color and look amazing

1. Permanent or Non-Permanent?

Is this your first time then it would be best if you go for the temporary hair color. A non-permanent color would last for only few hair baths. This will surely give you quite a lot of time to decide on whether you want to make that hair color permanent.

2. Protect your Skin

Whenever hair color is applied, there are strong chances of it getting on your hairline, ears or back of your neck. After drying, the hair color would be visible on your skin so it is necessary to apply petroleum jelly on your skin. It acts as a wall between the hair color and your skin ensuring that the color doesn’t come on your skin.

3. Dress Code

During hair color sessions, your clothes can get stained. So, it is better to wear dark colored clothes preferably, old ones, while applying hair color.

4. Test Prep

Everybody’s hair is different and so be sure that the hair color you are using suits you. The best way to test this would be to try out strand test before the hair coloring session. Once you are done with the test, check the test in natural light to know if it gives good results.

5. Complementary Color

Make sure that you don’t go for shades that are two or three shades lighter or darker than your original hair color. In case, you have already colored your hair and you want to lighten your hair then you can do so by using bleach or other beauty products to lighten the previous color.

6. Keep Record

Every hair color brand may not suit you, so it would be the best idea to cut out a piece of the hair color box as it will serve as a record when you want to color your hair again.

7. Essential Tools

During hair coloring, the non-metal clips serve as a great tool as they help in creating hair sections. Another tool you must have is the handheld mirror that will let you see the back of your head.

8. Mix Mastery

Make sure that you apply hair color immediately after mixing. Another tip while applying hair color is to apply the color side-by-side to get best results.

9. Highlighting Hints

Since natural highlights don’t start growing a quarter-inch from the scalp, you need to see to it that you apply highlights in that manner. You also need to ensure that the color is painted thicker towards the hair ends.


These were the most essential hair coloring tips that need to be followed whenever you are going to color your hair. If you have any more hair color ideas then do share with us.

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