Chanel Glasses- Maintenance Tips For Your Designer Eyewear

May 12, 2013

Any item you own will last you a lifetime provided you take good care of it. Barring any accidental incidents or natural calamities, you can expect to use a particular consumer product for a very long time. Such expectations arise when you choose designer items for your everyday needs. One such item might be Chanel glasses.

When you use designer spectacles to correct a vision problem, it is clear that the daily use of your eyewear would likely affect its state. Even as designer glasses the likes of Chanel may be engineered and designed to last longer than the mass-produced kind, you would still want to apply some essential maintenance work to guarantee that your prescription Chanel eyeglasses stay and look the same as it did on the day you bought it.

Chanel Glasses- Maintenance Tips For Your Designer Eyewear

Chanel Glasses

To start off, wear your Chanel eyeglasses as they are meant to be worn — never on your head and at the end of a string around your neck. While both techniques may keep your designer optical wear quite easily accessible, each method will not be too kind on your glasses. Wearing eyewear on your head can distort the shape of the frame while letting your glasses dangle around your neck may damage the lenses as you walk around or run about.

When you are not using your designer glasses, make sure to stow the pair in a soft case that you can carry. When at your desk, place them facing up so as not to scratch the surface. Both times will allow you easy access to your essential accessory should you need it for reading an online article or for meeting with people, but without leaving it vulnerable to distortion and scratches. Scratches on the surface of a lens can be very troublesome especially when you have been prescribed with bifocals or varifocals.

Before you store your glasses for the evening as you retire in your London flat, make sure to rid the surface of dirt and any other debris that might have gotten on it. Run your glasses under water and then use a cleaning cloth to wipe each lens using a side-to-side motion. Never rub the lens without clearing it of dirt because grit and other matter may leave abrasions. In addition, do not clean your designer glasses with harsh cleaning products.

When you buy durable eyeglasses in the UK, you not only realise that you have made the right purchase but also that you can save a lot of money from not having to buy new glasses. Practice care and always store your Chanel eyewear in a clean state. This way, your designer eyewear would not only look the same as the day you bought it but will also last you a lifetime.

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