Celebrity Fashion Trends That Are Increasing In Popularity

July 28, 2012

Trendsetters take their cues from celebrities. Famous women have access to couture clothing before it is even available in stores. Designers depend on these actresses, musicians and models to wear their clothing in ways that make normal women want to buy them. Quite a few trends have become popular recently due to early adoption by celebrities.

Lace is back in a big way this year. It started with Kate Middleton’s instantly iconic wedding gown and was quickly adopted by high-end designers like DKNY. Kate stunned in lace yet again when she attended the War Horse film premiere last year. Her long black lace gown inspired nearly every designer to create something in that vein. Kate’s dress had a fitted bodice and an A-line skirt with structured seams. In May, she wore a stunning floor-length teal gown with lace cap sleeves and an open back that was covered with more sheer lace. This solidified lace’s return to high fashion. Nearly every major clothing retailer has several brightly colored lace dresses in stock. Even the usually androgynous Kristen Stewart wore blue lace to the Kids Choice Awards in March.

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

Body-skimming dresses were big in the early 1990s, and now modernized versions of that style are back in stores. Actress Diane Kruger is fond of dresses that hug her curves. During her recent trip to France, she wore a shiny gold dress that was fitted perfectly to her body. It had an asymmetrical neckline and only one thick shoulder strap, both of which are also trendy. A few days later she wore a more minimal but still striking shimmery gray dress. The dress was very simple, but Diane still looked dressed up because her body was the center of attention. Most of the bodycon dresses that are currently in stores are bright and casual. Some of them have low, open backs that are held together with matching straps or bows. More and more lace bodycon dresses are popping up lately, in a fun overlapping of current trends. Making bodycon dresses out of stretchy lace keeps them affordable while making them look fancy and modern.

Zooey Deschanel is still the poster girl for youthful, feminine frocks. She likes to wear big, bold floral prints and plaids in primary colors. Zooey is a good role model for young girls and women who are just beginning to explore fashion. She is unabashedly girly without ever showing a lot of skin. She does not wear uncomfortable high heels or cake her face in unnatural-looking makeup. She favors A-line dresses that flatter every kind of figure. Women like imitating the way Zooey dresses because her style transitions well from daytime to nighttime events. A crisp, tailored dress would not look out of place at work, and it also looks appropriate in bars and restaurants.

Nina Dobrev, the star of The Vampire Diaries, is a rising actress who is beginning to make a splash on the red carpet. Like Zooey, she is fun and girly, but she takes girlishness in a different direction. Nina does not shy away from showing off her figure, but she counters that sexiness with lots of ruffles and layers. Wrap dresses and simple sundresses now have pretty ruffles around the sleeves or necklines. Ruffles add movement and romance to dresses without changing their silhouettes.

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