Fashion Updates

7 Accessories to Rock Any Traditional Outfit

Are you in a fix for what accessory to pair with your newly bought kurti? Do you want to garner attention and be the highlight of any occasion? We feel you. How confusing it can be to pair the right accessories for that special occasion or family wedding coming up! Well fret no more; we […]

How to Choose the Right Leggings According to Season

Leggings are one of the hottest trends in fashion today. Choosing the right design of leggings is often hard since there is a wide variety of it. However, being able to select the right will give someone an attractive appearance. As far as I know, there are many types of leggings available today and each […]

Top 10 Breguet Watches for Men and Women in 2016

“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” -Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) Can I just politely add to the fashion diva’s eternal quote and go on to declare that I like my money wrapped around my wrist, for the world to see and go 50 shades of green […]

What Exactly Do Fashion Stylists Do?

When we turn the pages of fashion magazines, watch fashion shows or music videos, we get to see the glitter and the dazzle that is the fashion world. We see beautifully dressed men and women whose clothes seem to fit them without flaw. As we gape at these stunning creations, we are bound to be […]

Simple, Everyday Chic: Using Classic Diamonds

It has been a trend for the current fashionista, to take varying kinds of jewelry and stacking them on top of one another; large and loud statement pieces with formal jewelry, and various other materials. It is an age of contrast, and this is what we make of it. It does not mean, however, that […]

Designer Tops – Modern Dressing Style

Designer Tops are perfect wear for both women and girls. Stylish Tops can be worn for casual outing, parties and get to gather and also very comfortable wear. If you are looking for ladies top online, many online stores have amazing designs and patterns in different colors which give ravishing look while wearing. Online top […]

Top 6 Interior Decorating Fashionable Ideas For Better Living

Most people are of the view that interior decoration was initially a hobby that turned later into a profession. People who usually love to stay in a beautiful house prefer good interior decoration. Mostly everyone choose to decorate their houses in their own special way. Regardless of the fact, whether you stay in your own […]

7 Factors to Consider before Choosing a Wedding Florist

  Nowadays planning a wedding has created several opportunities for people to generate income. The need of couples to have a memorable wedding creates these opportunities. Numerous service providers have ventured in wedding planning business. Hence, picking the right expert is a very difficult process. Consider the following tips to make a great decision. Type […]

Excellent Tips for Buying Sarees Online

Indian women love wearing sarees, and it will be an icing on the cake if they are designer or fancy sarees. Sarees can be worn in different draping styles and manners. With various patterns and designs, the sarees can be very fashionable attire. You can even try buying sarees online. Here are some effective tips […]

How To Create Custom Dress Shirts On Custom Designing Module

As the prices have dropped for custom clothing more and more men are opting for it. Custom clothing was once considered to be only an eye candy for the common people and could only be afforded by the moneyed sartorial swaggers or the Hollywood A-listers. But this concept is long gone, now custom clothing can […]