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How to Dress Bridesmaids for A Garden Wedding

Bridesmaids are the charm of any wedding. They add oomph and energy to the event. It is important for bridesmaids to look astounding and charismatic. That is why choosing a perfect bridesmaid dress is not a child’s play. A bridesmaid dress must compliment the bride’s dress as well as the venue of the marriage. Garden… Read More »

The Latest in Unique: Fingerprint Engagement Rings

By now you’ve probably heard or seen the latest in fashion accessories – fingerprint jewelry. What started out as a simple idea is gaining ground in nearly every facet of the jewelry industry… and we love it! It’s highly personal and extremely unique. You’ve heard the expression, “no two fingerprints are the same”.  There is… Read More »

Elegant Ideas To Style High-Low Prom Dresses

The prom night is inevitably near, and you are all confused about what to wear? How about dressing up in ravishing high-low Prom dresses? Well, these are a big trend this season. Prom is the best occasion to showcase your beautiful dresses and style. So, make sure you dress well!Below are a few trends in… Read More »

Type of Necklace

For every women statement of necklace is tools to enhance the beauty. With any simple little black dress, you can carry a piece of pearl necklace or an oxidized silver necklace. Gold necklace complement any ethnic wears with a pair of gold earrings. There are many different type of necklace design, every necklace design are… Read More »

7 Winter Fashion Ideas for Teenagers

When winter comes, it seems as if being fashionable becomes harder. Layers of clothing don’t do much for a cool appearance. Or do they? With the right approach to choosing an outfit, winter fashion can be quite appealing. Teenagers have a wide choice of clothing, depending on their style, wishes, and mood. The best way… Read More »

Look Chic at Work: Your Ultimate Guide to Women’s Work wear

Whether you approve of it or not, people judge you by the way you dress. This is especially true in an office environment where striking a balance between professionalism and style is critical to your success. Overdressing may be construed as trying too hard to make an impression whereas under-dressing can be interpreted as being… Read More »

Jewellery Checklist Straight from Bridal Diaries

A bride’s checklist is her ultimate bible until her big day. They include endless to-do lists both big and small. Among the hundreds of items that occupy this list, the main would be brides Jewellery, clothes and accessories that come along the way. Simply keeping a tick on the checklist does not close the item;… Read More »

Now Trending: Halo Engagement Rings

If you’re not familiar with the term “halo” when it comes to rings, it is pretty much just like it sounds. The term halo accurately describes this popular style of engagement ring, with a focal stone (not always a diamond) that is surrounded by smaller gems – which creates the halo effect. Focal gems vary… Read More »

9 beautiful kurta designs you can wear without bottoms

You know it’s time to change up your style when you walk up to your closet and find nothing interesting to wear.  Summer is the best time to make new fashion statements. Change up your wardrobe to light ethnic wear that will keep you comfortable and stylish. Kurtis are a hot commodity all season.  How… Read More »