Car Rentals for the Holidays

July 3, 2012

When you are planning a family vacation, there are some things that need to be done beforehand. This list includes finding suitable hotels or resorts for accommodation, comfortable transport facilities, looking for some great deals on air tickets for the flight to the destination, places to visit, and much more. These days, traveling has become a widespread activity throughout the world. In fact tourism is a booming industry for countries, and many economies have realized its potential and have started highlighting their treasures for avid travelers. With the increase in tourism there have been many associated businesses that have gotten a boost. One such business is that of car rentals. More and more people today prefer renting a car on holidays, rather than relying on public transport, and why not? No matter what part of the world you plan to travel to, you can bet your bottom dollar on finding at least a few car rental companies in the vicinity.

If you like to plan ahead, check out a few international car rentals online. Most reputable car rental companies have their official websites that provide up to date information about the cars they rent out, quotes, insurance formalities and the like. Many companies also have provisions for you to book the car of your choice ahead of time. You can do this in a matter of minutes and have your car waiting at the hotel upon your arrival. In case you need to rent a car for your travel abroad, it may be best to put in a request for chauffeur driven vehicle. Plenty of well-known companies operating in multiple countries offer such services for a little extra cost. This is advisable for people who do not love driving or simply don’t want to worry about road maps, directions or the traffic rules and regulations in the foreign land.

Car Rentals for the Holidays

International car rental providers are known for their large fleets of cars that include limos, hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, etc, so you can rest assured to find the car of your choice. A rental should be chosen in accordance with the type of holiday you have in mind. For instance, if you are visiting a country for business, a limo or a sedan are best suited. These not only exude comfort but also status. On the other hand, sedans may be a bad choice for family vacations with kids. For space and utility, a SUV is ideal. Being a comparatively big vehicle a SUV provides the comfort and space needed by kids and families. Plus, the car has good safety features and a sense of adventure. These may be the reasons behind SUVs gaining due popularity as rentals for holidays.

While renting some high end SUVs is an expensive affair, you can find a low cost SUV in India, by searching for a good car rental company and comparing price quotes and services offered. The price factor also depends on the number of days you wish to rent the vehicle. For example, a per day price of an SUV may cost you a lot more than the per week charge. Hence, it may be cheaper to book a car for the whole week even if your stay in the place is limited to 5-6 days. You must also take into consideration the insurance cost. This is an important factor, which is sometimes overlooked by customers. Insurance is vital to enjoy a liability-free holiday, so make sure to add travel insurance as well as car rental insurance to your list. A majority of car rentals provide in-house insurance, but in case some don’t, ask for it.

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