Buying Branded Shoes for a Throwaway Price Was Unimaginable Till Now

May 7, 2013

Common man would love to own branded products if he can afford it. Usually the companies that have a niche branding in the market for their products sell them at a very high price that people in middle income group can pay for. They relate branding to product quality for those who are brand conscious agree to pay the excess amount for the higher quality that they are assured. Moreover using branded products define a class and financial standing for the customer. He relates himself to the celebrities who endorse them either through advertisements or by using them in real life. Marketing and advertising play a huge role in overshadowing a conscious mind and induces a shopper to buy the branded product at a higher price sometimes for no reason. Companies spend huge dollars on such marketing strategies that are included in premium price of the products they sell.

Clarks for Men -  Beyond The Rack

Clarks for Men – Beyond The Rack

Online stores are great means for push selling all excess inventories of branded items at lower price. This is where common men/ women visit the store to fulfil their ego to won a new branded product for a lower price. Beyond The Rack is one such store. It offers different products for men and women and home goods that they see and hear through different advertising media. Clarks at Beyond The Rack is a branded shoe from Europe sold for both men and women of all ages meeting different styles and demands. CJ Clark is a branded shoe company from England that is pricey and beyond affordability of common men and women.  The store Beyond The Rack makes it possible from time to time by promoting sale short term events.

Clarks for Women -  Beyond The Rack

Clarks for Women – Beyond The Rack

Clarks at Beyond The Rack meets requirements of women’s shoes at amazing cheap prices. This eclectic shoe brand at one point was worn only by the celebrities. They cater to the transforming design shoe trends that are classy and in style and comfort. They are lightweight and hard wearing. It is a popular brand name in ladies shoes due to their durability, and outstanding stability. They offer easy relaxed boots and sandals that women love wearing. Their sneakers bring a whole range of comfort and lightweight with cushioned soles for less stress on heels.

The store offers membership benefits to shoppers who are offered special deals, information of all sale events and referral programs. They offer heavily discounted products as a means to push sale branded inventory to the shoppers who dream to use one but could not do so earlier for the huge price tag attached to the products. It is an all inclusive marketing strategy that enlarges customer base and increases market share for the brands. It is a win-win situation for all.

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