Building Kitchens for 21st Century

July 27, 2012

KITCHEN – A very important part of your home.  Kitchen is a place which is frequently visited and often used. To some it is more important than the living room or the bedroom. This is a place which tickles your taste buds and satiates your stomach.

There have been tremendous variations in the ambience of the kitchen as compared to the past. The kitchens in the 21st century are more modern and convenient. With busy schedules and little time, the 21st century kitchens are built advanced having easy to use mechanisms that not only saves time, but also proves to be energy efficient in the long run.

If you are the one planning to redo your kitchen, here are some tips and hints to build your kitchen fit for the 21st century. Planning a kitchenette, the first point that comes to ones’ mind is making it modular. Modular kitchens are gaining more and more popularity, world-wide as they are very flexible, convenient and can accommodate more stuff. A modular style kitchenette is appealing and can make your kitchen look novel.

Building Kitchens for 21st Century

Building Kitchens for 21st Century

Kitchens today could be compact or spacious depending on the area of your home. The best idea would be to use all corners of the room, effectively and leave space in the centre so that it looks spacious.

With easily available modern day to day amenities, its’ your choice to choose appliances that have maximum warranty, are good energy savers’, are of standard quality and are user friendly.

Starting with the very important cooking range, one could choose a flame oriented or electric top. A glazed standing cooking range with an oven / grill would be of great use as it compact and can cater from a small number to a large number of people. Of course, with time constraints it is also easy to clean. Please do not forget the chimney or the smoke alarm will not stop buzzing.

Next comes the microwave oven, which could be, placed on a contemporary platform or on sturdy trendy slabs that can hold the weight depending on the area of this room. An all in one machine for juicer, food processor, mixer/ grinder could be of great use as with one appliance and different jars many things can be catered. This again could be placed on the platform or on a slab, choice is all yours.

Building Kitchens for 21st Century

Building Kitchens for 21st Century

For the coffee lovers, a coffee maker is inevitable to brew some fresh coffee. A lustrous small coffee table next to it will definitely enhance the look of your kitchen along with adding to the convenience for quick brunches, lunches and high tea.

A sleek black dishwasher at a safe distance from the cooking range to get rid of your plates, mugs and more would be such a conducive and admirable sight. If placed close to a two bowl stainless steel sink, it could be even more advantageous.

Last but not the least a well-ventilated kitchen with pastel shades on walls and tiles can make this part of your home look spacious and inviting.

With trivial changes and broader vision its’ not difficult to build your perfect 21st century kitchen.

Author Bio : Rehana Khimani has recently started blogging and is researching on Kitchen Products.

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