Bridal Jewelry: Lighten Up with Sterling Silver Earrings

March 27, 2013

You are excited about your wedding day, lining up your bridal jewelry and suddenly you realize you won’t be able to wear 925 sterling silver earrings. You’ve not pierced you’re ears, gasp! This is only a minor hitch, all you need to do is head out to a nearby ear piercing specialist, and get your ears pierced.

To Pierce or Not To Pierce

It doesn’t take long, and is virtually painless. It helps if you take a painkiller before going in, especially when your pain threshold is low. Now along with that gold diamond band that you’re fiancé will be putting on your wedding ring finger, you will have brand new pierced ears to flaunt your silver earrings!

For the Big Day

Bridal Jewelry: Silver Earrings925 sterling silver earrings are a good idea when you’re only getting your ears pierced for the big day. Once the wedding is done, and you remove your earrings, the earholes heal. Of course, nobody who ever pierced their ears; ever went back to the bare eared look. Women who never bothered about ear bling, start to spot earrings everywhere they go, picking out matching pairs for all their outfits, the pierced ears grow on you. You can buy as many silver earrings as you want to start your new life with the gold diamond band.

Traditionally Yours

Traditionalists swear by the diamond & gold or diamonds & pearls set in gold or platinum combination. But it will be fun wearing a spot of color in your ears, a tiny dot of color that only brightens your face and complements your glow. As many brides realize much too late, white is a very difficult hue, that doesn’t go well with most complexions. But brides usually dream of a ‘white wedding’, and insist on a white gown no matter. You will soon have the gold diamond band on your finger.

Wearing color on your Wedding Day

Well, you may want to wear a color that complements your complexion close to your face. This can be reflected in your bouquet, shoes, or even flowers that you wear in your hair above the veil.  Misaki™ Fame Studs in 925 sterling silver earrings, the Hypnotic Earrings in Sterling Silver, all come with rhodium plating. Some women attest to the hypoallergenic properties of silver.

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Bridal Jewelry: EarringsStud earrings are the best rehearsal dinner & wedding day wear as you’d not want your earrings to forever get caught in articles of clothing or your own hair. Picture your friends and relatives leaning over to congratulate you & your sterling silver earrings dangle get caught in their hair or clothing. Imagine how painful & embarrassing that would be, not to mention your makeup and hairdo ruined. Would you want everyone to admire your gold diamond band or to get caught up freeing your earrings?

Two to Tango

There are plenty of 925 sterling silver earrings to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Wearing earrings are equally acceptable for men & women. So take your fiancé along so the two of you can have fun laughing about it in the years to come. You can tell your grandkids about how you went to get yourselves a gold diamond band and came back with 925 sterling silver earrings.

Author Bio: Mary Jacob is a dedicated jewelry expert with experience in the US, Italy & UK. She designs wedding jewelry for women who are looking for cheap but great quality bridal jewelry. She loves to write on how to source cheap jewelry online.

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