Bollywood Celebrities Add Glitz and Glamour to the Glitterati Weddings in India

September 6, 2016

Bollywood Celebrities Add Glitz and Glamour to the Glitterati Weddings in India

Every culture seems to have its own set of wedding rituals and practices that make them unique. For most countries and cultures, family values are given top priority while there are others who pay more importance to and follow some other paradigm. When we speak about Indian culture, you simply cannot miss noticing the versatility of the customs and traditions and the splendor of diverse forms of arts. Indians are known for their passion for music and dance. Indian weddings are incomplete without entertainment.

The so-called big fat Indian weddings could be truly mesmerizing thanks to the exquisite outfits, lavish jewelry, incredibly glossy makeup, electrifying music and power-packed dances. The glitterati weddings stand out from the rest thanks to the grandeur, splendor, and mind-blowing entertainment provided by Bollywood celebrities.

The Traditional Indian Wedding Entertainment

Professional wedding performers in India infuse life, charm, and color to the multi-day ceremony. You could hire the services of a professional wedding DJ who would set the mood for a night full of hit Bollywood songs and everyone dancing to the beat of some pulsating music. An Indian wedding involves, at least three days of fun, function, and enjoyment and this could even go up to five days. Top class professional entertainment for wedding is a must for a truly stimulating and fulfilling experience.

Music is in the blood of all Indians and they are passionate about it. As soon as the professional singers or musicians start their show the stage is set for an electrifying atmosphere. Typical wedding parties have DJs who choose some of the most popular Hindi film numbers. The party usually comes alive with some foot-tapping music. Sometimes wedding celebrations include a Raas Garba night when you could experience lively music and top class entertainment.

The Big Fat Indian Weddings

Bollywood singing sensations and other celebrities add a touch of glamour to the wedding festivities. Live performers, especially Bollywood celebs are the real center of attraction in the elite weddings. But you must remember that these affluent weddings do not only feature famous film personalities to dance and entertain your guests, they also hire popular and well-known musicians who are expert live performers.

Some Famous Bollywood Musicians Who Are Hired for Elite Weddings

Just like famous film stars, famous Bollywood musicians make sure that they also cash in on their fame and popularity. Most Indian elite weddings would never be complete without professional singers and their troupes performing on the sangeet or the wedding night. Mika, the Bhangra King from Bollywood is the highest paid and is in great demand in Indian wedding parties. According to some reliable sources, he has been charging almost 40 lakhs for a performance of 90-minute duration. He usually asks for almost 15 air tickets, a few rooms in any 5-star hotel and some more in a 4-star hotel.

Sonu Nigam is a hot favorite in the wedding circuits. People are thrilled to have him perform in weddings. He is also believed to be demanding almost 40 lakhs but for three hours or so. He requests for three presidential suites and a few rooms in any 5-star hotel and around 14 more rooms in any 4-star hotels. He asks for business class air ticket for himself while his backup musicians travel in economy. Bollywood musicians Shaan and Pritam are in great demand too and are often seen in wedding and Sangeet parties mesmerizing the guests with their enthralling performances.


There are many celebrity and event management companies that organize fashion shows, wedding performances, dance shows, musical orchestra, night shows, music shows, orchestra and all aspects of event management. You could have easy access to your favorite actor through reliable leading celebrity management firms. These agencies or companies help you hire top Bollywood divas for performing in your wedding celebrations. You simply need to specify the celebs you are aspiring to dance with. You could choose from Comedians, Reality Show Singers, Bollywood Singers, Dancers, Item performers, Celebrities, Ghazal Singers, Devotional Singers and much more. Wedding entertainment is taken to a whole new level thanks to the professional entertainment.

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