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September 24, 2012

Tigerlilly is a leader in swimwear and fashion bikini. It is an amalgamation of fashion, classic theme and unique textile.

Jodhi Meares founded Tigerlilly in the year 2000. Jodhi was Australian and created a big brand which represented beauty with strength. Every beautiful bikini piece boosts individuality and confidence. It is a brand which is exotic and sexy but with gravity.

In every bikini piece Jodhi has infused his feelings on Australian women. The themes are evoked by the impact of Australia’s beautiful and sensuous beaches. The bikini pieces personifies health, fun and freedom.

The brand has huge collection of beautiful prints and some unique fabrics. The prints and themes are taken all over the globe. In one liner you would say, you can see the world with the bikini coloured glasses. The themes revolve around Gaudi architecture, Picasso, Money and 18th century armchair.

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The problems in bikini making:

The lingerie sector is a highly competitive sector and highest in demand. Bikinis are picked up for right support, comfort and style. A good bikini making company should include all these factors in the ideal bikini. Tigerlilly considers all these features while manufacturing its product line.

Whenever a new design is under production, all the debates and discussions are on a piece of paper. However, the actual fabric and creativity cannot be decided on a piece of paper. This is one of the drawbacks of this industry.

The other problem is when you take these cut samples to the manufacturers. If you are discussing any factor, you need to know their kind of language. There has to be a proper communication between the producers and manufacturers. The manufacturer will always ask you how a particular design should be incorporated. The best solution for this is bringing as many print outs as you can.

When you have to print designs on lycra, use water based inks. It is better to print your design on cotton the designs come out well. On Lycra the designs will stretch.

If there are, some accessories used on a particular bikini, say a lace or any other fabric. Colours should evenly match. Bring the actual fabric if you want some dyeing.  The colours should be approximately 98% matching.

The bikini, which has lot of embellishments and mesh designs, do not go well. Whenever you will wear any top, the designs will easily show.

The bikini needs to be comfortable and versatile. Tigerlilly takes special care in manufacturing its unique pieces.

Tigerlilly online portal:

Tigerlilly are incorporating latest technology and designs in making an ideal bikini for its customers. The online services are becoming very popular; you can easily order your favourite bikini online and get delivery at your doorstep. You can customize different bikini colours, which will match will different dresses. Now you do not have to worry about long queues in the shopping area. All the services are incorporated as per the customer’s convenience.


Tigerlilly showcases Australian style and believes in displaying at global level. Tigerlilly believes in the concept of bold and beautiful. With its bold and beautiful bikini designs it has changed the outlook bikini in this modern world of fashion.

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