Best Oil Diffusers for Beginners

February 19, 2015

The best Oil Diffusers for Beginners: Which One to Use and How to Use.

For someone that is just starting off with the use of diffusers to disseminate essential oils, it is expedient to know the samples available, the inexpensive essential oil diffusers and most importantly how to use them.

The choice narrows down to the purchase of affordable essential oil diffusers that are in the class of either electric diffuser with plug in, terra cotta jar, or the candle and dish essential oil diffusers.

Which is the best?

In all of these, the electricity powered essential oil diffusers are the best for beginners because it is easy to use and has so many settings and features that can help the new user operate it well.

For people in this category, the best recommendation of oil diffuser for them is the whisper oil diffuser. It uses a scent pad with an electric plug in.

When talking about the best oil diffusers for beginner, especially when it has to be used throughout the night, electric essential oil diffuser is the best. This is because, it is very difficult to get up again and again at night, just to check the candle. Furthermore, many studies have shown that the electric oil diffuser is much better than the water and candle diffusers because of safety. Electric diffusers use pads and this makes it easy for them to diffuse oil just by changing the pads.

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Essential Oil Diffusers

Furthermore, when you are using electric essential oil diffusers, you must make use of water and put it directly on the pad. You can put 4 to 5 drops in case you are looking for mild aromatherapy. Or else, 2 to 3 drops can be used for vibrational reasons. And if you are looking for a balance of respiration, you can use 6 to 7 drops.

Overall the main benefit of using an electric oil diffuser is that when the water in it drops below the minimum required, it gets shut automatically. So no more worrying about refilling it from time to time. You can simply relax and enjoy the benefits of the aroma in your room or office.

The dish and water diffuser

This is another type of essential oil diffuser which is recommended for a beginner and a new user. This is because of the simplicity of usage and the affordability of the diffuser.

It is very important to use water in the diffusers because the candle over heats without the water and the essential oils are burnt on the surface of the diffuser dish. Burning and overheating the essential oils destroys the therapeutic nature of the essential oils and also has an unpleasant smell.

The use of water makes the mixture of the essential oil very thorough and smooth to use. It gives a uniform aroma from the diffuser to the room.

The diffuser works with a dish and this dish can be changed or repeatedly re-used. The dish can be washed if the essential oils accumulate or have burnt on the dish or the diffuser. This can be washed and reused.

This water and this diffuser are affordable including the reusable parts which can be re-used instead of outright replacement.

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