Best Makeup Tips and Tricks

September 24, 2012

Your makeup you apply would depend on your skin type, the season, the occasion you have to wear it on and the color of your dress. Before you start applying your makeup you should check if you have the right shades to go with your dress.

Apply the foundation perfectly: This is very important part of makeup application. Depending on your skin type, you can either apply a makeup base or a toner before applying the foundation. Remember to cover the problem areas with a good concealer before you put the foundation. Use a brush to blend the concealer.

If you feel that you might sweat at the party, you can mix your foundation with a few drops of water before applying it on your face. Take a small amount if it and apply it at the back of your hand to check if the color of the foundation blends with your skin complexion. While applying foundation, make sure that your strokes point downwards and not upwards; otherwise your facial hair might stand and give a patchy appearance.

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks, Hot and Sexy Girl HD Wallpapers, Pictures, Images

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks

Pick the right shade: This goes for your lipstick, eye shadows and your blush and is one of the best makeup ideas. You can choose to highlight only one aspect of your face and that is your eyes or your lips. Make sure to choose that if you choose a dark color for one, you choose a lighter tone for the other. If you have beautiful eyes and get lots of compliments about them, then you can choose to highlight them to your advantage. However, if you are applying makeup for day time, do not apply too much eye shadow or mascara to your eyes.

If your lips tend to get chaffed or dry, you can apply a coat of lip balm before applying lipstick. Take a lip liner and line your lips. Apply the color you want. Finish with a gloss if required. After applying one layer of lipstick, dab it a little with a tissue paper and then apply a thin layer of powder before applying the second layer. This will make your lipstick last longer and also help prevent it from feathering.

Use the right brush strokes: if you are using a cream based eye shadow use a brush with synthetic bristles like taklon or nylon. But if you use a powdery shadow you should use a soft brush made or sable or goat hair. Applying your brush in the right manner will also effect your looks. When you color your cheeks, use a color that is slightly darker than your skin. Smile so that you can apply blusher from the apples of your cheeks and extent it to your temples.

If you have to apply makeup for an occasion, the best way is to know what would suit you is to try out the shades and hairstyle a day or two before the occasion. This will help you to experiment and come up with a new and better look.

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