Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings

April 1, 2013

If you really want your engagement ring to stand out and be special, then there is no better way of doing this than getting a bespoke engagement ring made. You can choose all of the materials used and also the precious stones to be used as well, which will really reflect your style and character. You may even find that if you can locate a good jewellery designer then you may be able to save a bit of money from a normal off the shelf style of engagement ring. A good designer may also be able to source you the materials cheaper than you would be able to get them yourself, also saving you some money in the long run.

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Choosing the Metal

There are a lot of choices available for the metal of the engagement ring when you are having this designed. Traditionally people tend to go with gold or platinum, but these are not the only choices available.

  • ·Gold
  • ·Coloured Gold
  • ·Platinum
  • ·Silver
  • ·Palladium

Gold actually comes in quote a wide range of different colours as you can have White, Rose and the more traditional Gold colour. The shades of these colours vary depending on the purity of the gold. Gold and platinum are very similar in price, and the cheaper alternatives would be either silver or palladium. Palladium is silverish in colour and is around half the price of gold of platinum, with Silver being just a bit more expensive than palladium. The choice in type f metal being used is going to be dictated by your budget and also your personal preference as well. Some people are allergic to certain types of metals so this may have a bearing as well.

Precious Stones Used

The next major choice you will have is choosing the precious stones that you are going to use in your ring. Traditionally this would be diamond, but you can choose anything which is special for you.

  • ·Diamond
  • ·Ruby
  • ·Sapphire
  • ·Pearly
  • ·Opal

There is a large choice in the different available stones there are to be used and again just like the metals chosen, a lot of it will be dictated by both your budget and also your taste. You may actually have been given an old ring which you can recycle and have the stones reset into a new ring and reuse the metal as well. You may wish to decide on a precious stone as it is your favourite colour, or you may wish to try and recreate something which you have seen in the past. Whatever your decision is make sure that you decide through your own desires and choices rather than trying to please someone else or stick to tradition. It is your ring after all, and it is you that will have to wear it at the end of the day.

Cut of the Stone

When you get your precious stones you may look to buy them rough and have them polished, or you may decide you want a specific cut and style of stone instead. The price difference once you have the stones cut is not going to be that much easier, so it is best to speak to your jewellery designer and get their opinion of what s going to be best. There are lots of different styles of cuts available;

  • ·Round Brilliant
  • ·Oval
  • ·Pear
  • ·Radiant
  • ·Cushion
  • ·Heart

The size of stone or stones that you have will dictate the style of cut that you are going to be able to have. Also, the clarity of the stone will play a big part as well and if there are any imperfections in the stone. Certain cuts are better for certain stones, so this is something that you will need to get a professionals advice about and see what they have to say. If you get yourself a good jewellery designer then they will be able to sit down with you and go through everything before you commit to a purchase. They will be able to give you a rough idea of price and the time that it will take and also the best materials to use if you want to stay in a certain budget. Then they will be able to create something which is totally unique and you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Now you just need to start saving for that special day!

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