Bed linen designs for newly weds

May 20, 2014

Newlyweds spend at least 8 hours a day in bed, or at least that’s what they should do in their first year of marriage. The happiness doesn’t last forever though, so they have to enjoy every moment spent between the sheets. Bed linens come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors. Some linens are more luxurious than others and couples have all the time in the world to make some really good choices.

Bed linen designs for newly weds

Bed linen designs for newly weds

Bedding fabrics you should consider for your bedroom:

  • Cotton – 100% cotton; airy, breathable, and really comfortable
  • Egyptian cotton – a more exclusive type of cotton; it features an extra long stable, which means it’s super soft and delicate for the skin
  • Silk – made from silkworms, the material is perfect for newlyweds who want to spice things up and make some memories
  • Blends – blends create durability; they’re also cheaper, so if you can’t afford cotton but you still want to have soft bedding, opting for blends is an excellent choice

Innovative designs can make a difference

Nobody wants to have bed linens that everyone else already has. Think outside the box and invest in bed sheets that are qualitative and appealing to the eye. Get to know the latest trends, look for ideas on the web and turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Pretty patterns, pastels, geometric designs, and flowery touches are great ideas to mull over.

Pastels are excellent for the summer. Whether you love mint shades or you want to give light pink a try, always remember – create balance. If your room is overloaded with decor items and strong color palettes, pastels will cool things down a bit. It will harmonize your space and make it calmer, more romantic.

Silk Bed linen designs for newly weds

Silk Bed linen designs for newly weds

Give your bed a royal appeal – invest in silk bed linens

Bed linens made of silk are luxurious. Perfect for a modern, extravagant bedroom, these bed sheets are excellent for romantic couples and newlyweds. In terms of color, it’s best to keep things nude. Beige for example, works smoothly with any type of decor. Cherry-red on the other hand is more appropriate for rooms that are decorated in light colors. It’s really important to have a equilibrium otherwise you risk turning your love nest into a circus.

Embroidered bed linens

Embroidered linens are the latest trend in interior decor. These types of sheets are also extremely expensive considering the handcrafting process is long and meticulous. The patterns, designs, material used and thread are all important elements that make up an embroidered bed linen set. The color palette is also vast.

Tips to invest in quality bed linens

Luxurious bed linens are usually made of exclusive materials like Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, percale, and sateen. Apart from the material, a buyer should also pay attention to the thread count. The term defines the number of threads that were woven vertically and horizontally into a square of fabric. Generally speaking, good quality linens have denser thread count. Furthermore, the fabric and type of weave are equally important because they make sure the sheet is soft, comfortable and durable.

Bed linen designs

Bed linen designs

Considering that the most common type of material is cotton, buyers should really get to know the fabric:

  • Long stable cotton – Egyptian, Pima, Sea Island are known for their softness and glossiness; the quality of these materials is superb
  • Intermediate staple cotton
  • Short staple cotton – not used in bedding because it’s not soft
  • Organic cotton – hypo-allergenic
  • Blends – mixes of cotton and other materials; cheaper but soft as long as the prevalent material is cotton

It’s amazing how many types of bed linen designs there are on the current market. Newlyweds should spend some time getting to know the fabrics first. Investing in quality materials is paramount because you’ll want those sheets to last for years not weeks. Take some photos with your bedroom and see if the linens you’re about to buy match with the rest of your decor. When in doubt, you can always go for white. White bed linens are so romantic, especially when combined with breakfast in bed every morning.

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