Be Picky About your Future Wallet

March 16, 2013

Selecting a wallet for men is almost like picking out clothes or shoes for women. It’s definitely a process that is worthy of some time and devotion. No one wants to get a wallet that just isn’t a good “fit”.  Wallets, especially leather ones take a while to be broken in.  It doesn’t matter how many times you decide to sit on it or flatten it out – it needs its own time to work into your daily system.  When you’re selecting a wallet, though, there are some things to consider before making the purchase.

Consider the Length

Yes, the length is important.  Wallets come in all shapes and sizes, giving us plenty of options.  There are specialized wallets, too for the following:

  • Checks – Most people like to keep a check book on them at all times.  Sometimes you just never know when you might actually want to use a check.  (Even though checks are used less in stores today.) These makes sense, but consider that it’s also going to be longer so you have to deal with having a wallet that is a little stretched out.
  • Cash Only – It looks and acts like a money clip, except in wallet form. People carry cash in it like nobody’s business, but it feels comfortable to some people. In a lot of cases it’s also smaller than a traditional wallet. There is nothing wrong with having something like that in the arsenal each day.
  • Regulation Wallet – Both the trifold or bifold kinds are available and many people truly enjoy using them. They’re popular because they are basic and it gets the job done.  The majority of people who own wallets own a regulation wallet of some kind.

In other words, get the one that meets your needs at the time.  Leather wallets are just good things to have – and everyone needs something for their money to be kept in.

Levi's Brown Wallet for Men


Yes, color is a big deal to some people. The color of the wallet gives a lot of credence to your social standing.  Just kidding, but it is important to find a color that matches up really well with your personality. The majority of people looking for wallets tend to get light brown.  Light brown matches up really well with a lot of clothes and it’s only natural to get something that is easy on the eyes.  For some odd reason, shoppers will tend to pick up the light brown wallets first.

There are also dark brown, black and red leather wallets, too.  Regardless of the color, they still have high quality involved.  People like to make a big deal out of color, but if you really think about it, the wallet is kept virtually hidden until you use it, so color shouldn’t make much of a difference. If it does to you then choose one that you like.

Customize It

Do you want it customized or it is acceptable to just keep it status quo. Many people like to customize their wallets with a lot of things from their name, company logo, or even something as fun as Bad Mother**. You know the rest.  If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, then you know how fun it is.

In any case, you have a wallet that can be customized to your liking so feel free to get a little creative.  As an aside, light brown wallets are better to get things customized or embossed.  The embossing comes out a little better.  In fact in Pulp Fiction it was also light brown.

See, you can be really picky about your wallet. In fact it’s probably better if you are.  Wallets are designed and meant to be used and abused almost every day. Sometimes you have a wallet for years – even longer than you own your phone. It’s inevitable that it is going to be put through the grind.  As such, you might as well pick the one that works best for you.  Wallets for men are like shoes for women.  The dichotomy really is that stark.  If you are ever in doubt as far as what wallet to get, start with the fabric – leather.  Once you establish that you’ll be able to better find a fit for your needs.

Author Susan Lane

Susan Lane is an avid wallet collector and Pulp Fiction fan.  Casey suggests having a light brown BMF wallet because it’s edgy and pretty fun to have.

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