Banish the Dreaded Armpit Cleavage

October 24, 2014

If you find yourself checking out your back in the mirror lately, you are not alone. Many women loathe the bra band spillage and accompanying back fat, which is noticeable under the clothes of any season. Though all women are susceptible to those problems, those with apple and rectangular shaped bodies tend to hold weight in their midsection and suffer from back fat more than women with different body shapes. Thankfully, wearing an appropriately fitting shapewear bra can eliminate ugly back fat by smoothing out the problem areas all year long.

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Steps to Eliminate Back Fat

  • Choose a properly fitting shapewear bra. Fight back bulge by purchasing a bra that fits. That way, it will remain in place better than a traditional bra and will soften, smooth out, and temporarily eliminate your troublesome back fat. After you put on your bra, make sure you pull it down in the back, anchoring it under your shoulder blades. If you do not tug it down, it can inch up, pushing your back skin up and over the edge of the bra. This creates the bulge. If the band of your bra is wide enough, it can sufficiently prevent the bra from shifting around. The result is a smooth look from behind. Shapewear bras have a slightly wider band in the back and on the sides to keep your bulge hidden neatly under the bra, where it should stay.
  • Get a professional bra fitting. A lot of women wear the incorrect bra size, accentuating their back fat problem. A professional sizing might be uncomfortable, but the sales people are specialists trained to offer custom fitting techniques to make sure that you leave with the correct size. Just having the right size compression bra can smooth your back. Also, an ill-fitting bra can cause back, neck, or shoulder pain.
  • Combine a correctly fitting shapewear bra with a shapewear camisole. This combination will make your silhouette appear smooth and trim, both from the front and back. The combination of these two pieces will help your clothes drape perfectly and give sleek lines to your profile. As we mature, our skin loses its resiliency and is less firm. Additionally, if you have gained weight, this can cause your skin to sag. Wearing a form-fitting outfit causes lumps and fat to show unless you combine a form of shapewear to conceal and smooth them. The camisoles and shapewear bra combination are an ideal choice for evening dresses or form fitting blouses because they get rid of bra bulging, smooth out your back area, and even make your tummy appear flatter.

Even women who are young and thin can have back bulges if they wear a bra that does not fit correctly. Shapewear bras are excellent choices to minimize ugly back fat. Using the same body-shaping fabric featured in control lingerie, the full panel of a back smoothing shapewear bra reduces bulges and creates a smooth, streamlined back that emphasizes your waistline and hides unpleasant back fat.

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