Are You Making These Mistakes While Shaving

March 5, 2019

Just because you have been shaving for a long time doesn’t mean you aren’t making he usual shaving mistakes. If your skin keeps getting damaged when shaving, then it is time to analyze your shaving strategy.
Irritated skin and burns are quite common so you shouldn’t ignore them. Go through the common mistakes listed below and stop believing in shaving myths which ruin your shaving experience.

Are You Making These Mistakes While Shaving

1.    Cold Water                   

Most men wash their face with cold water before shaving, but what they don’t know is that cold water closes down pores and makes the hair rigid. Cold water can also lead to rough shaves and not only lower the quality of your shave but also damage your skin by a substantial margin.

To avoid this, start shaving after you have taken a shower. Let the steam of the shower open your pores. Also, wash your face with warm water to soften your stubble. Shaving will become more comfortable after washing your face with warm water and your skin will also stay healthy.

2.    Shaving Creams or Gels

Now, we are not saying that shaving creams are bad, but some of them are. If you use the ones that are filled with toxic chemicals, your skin will suffer. Furthermore, most men do not even know how to properly apply shaving creams and gels. People end up applying shaving cream on their faces with the help of their fingers, this is not healthy for the skin as the oil present in your fingers starts to accumulate in your pores.

To make sure your skin stays healthy, find shaving creams or gels with organic ingredients. Go for high-quality shaving creams as they don’t have harmful chemicals. Also, make sure you apply the shaving cream in the right way. Use a shaving bowl and brush, so your fingers do not get in contact with your face and your pores stay clean.

3.    Low-Quality Blades

Buying low-quality blades mean you will end up with dull blades after a couple of shaves. Low-quality blades not only get dull quickly but also stop you from getting the perfect shave. If you want to keep using such blades, you will have to apply a lot of pressure each time you are shaving. Applying too much pressure will lead to uneven skin as part of it will turn into a sort of trench. People don’t buy blades often because they cost a lot. They end up using the dull blades for a long time and sometimes cause irreversible damage to their skin.

In order to avoid the problems that come with low-quality blades, get specially designed blades that last long and also don’t cost a fortune to change. A subscription with the bearded colonel can save you from the trouble of having to make a trip to the market each time you need a blade or razor because, with the subscription, you will get the razors delivered to your doorstep.

4.     Shaving at the Wrong Angle

Almost every man has made this mistake at least once in his lifetime and many continue to make the same mistake every day. When you shave against the grain, you are giving an open invitation to skin irritation, undergrown hair and rashes. If the razor drags against your skin, it will cause irritation and redness.

If you want to overcome this problem, then start shaving against the direction of the growth of your hair. The direction of your growth can be determined with the help of your 5 o’clock shadow. Move your hand around your face and wherever you feel less prickly, start shaving from that direction.

5.    Aftercare Mistakes — And What to Do

Some men pay no attention to shaving aftercare, while some think that their job is done as soon as they are done applying the aftershave on their face. Aftercare mistakes can often lead to bigger problems which is why you need to focus on your post shaving skin treatment. Aftershaves with too much alcohol in them can cause a lot of problems for your skin, so make sure you invest in the right product. The best solution to this problem is using an organic aftershave that does not have alcohol in it. Also, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer on your face to keep it hydrated.

So the next time you shave, avoid all the mistakes which can damage your skin. Remember, not matter how rugged you get learning how to shave is a prerequisite for any man who wants to look and feel on point every single day.  

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