Are Temporary Tattoos Safe? What People Need to Know

September 29, 2015

Before you get your temporary tattoo, you might be concerned about just how safe they might be. This is a valid concern, as temporary tattoos are a great option for folks of all ages to show off their support for a favorite sports team or character. Whether placing a temporary tattoo of a superhero or super team, you’ll want to make sure that temporary tattoos are completely safe for you, and the members of your family.

There is often a fair amount of conflicting information about product safety, and temporary tattoos are not exempt from the conflicting and confusing information that is floating out there.

Understanding the makeup of a temporary tattoo

In order to understand just why your choice in temporary tattoos is safe, it’s important to understand just what makes up the temporary decal, and what makes it adhere to your skin.

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The most often seen types of temporary ink are water transfer tattoos. What this means is that the image of the temporary tattoo has been printed directly onto paper that is water-permeable. The slip of paper holding the image is placed directly onto the skin, with the ink side of the tattoo down against the skin. Water is then applied to the paper, and the image easily transfers onto the skin.

The color pigments

So just what is in the ink of the temporary tattoo? Federal regulations mandate that these types of tattoos use only materials that have been approved to be used in cosmetics. What this means is that your custom temporary tattoos will be non-toxic, and will also be non-allergenic. Even those individuals with sensitive skin will be able to readily withstand the contact with a temporary tattoo.

The inks in your temporary art have been deemed to be perfectly safe for direct contact with your skin.

Not all temporary tattoos are created equally

It is very important to note that not all temporary tattoos will follow these safety regulations; particularly if they are manufactured in factories outside of the USA. What this means for you is that unless you get your decal tattoos from a reputable company, one that is very open about the materials they use in the creation of the tattoos, you may just be putting yourself at risk for contact with unknown substances.

Warning signs of a problem

If you’ve obtained your temporary tattoos from a potentially risk source, you should be aware of some of the problems that you could encounter.

Beyond the decal styled tattoos, there are also temporary tattoos using one or more types of henna ink. Some of these can also lead to the potential for a problem with the temporary art. You may have some serious and extended-lasting concerns that include redness and itching at the application site.

Some have also reported blisters and open sores.

It is very important to note that the problems listed are not a concern if you are purchasing your temporary tattoos from a reliable and honest retailer. With products that use the right cosmetic-grade ingredients, you are sure to have beautiful temporary tattoos that you love looking at.

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