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December 23, 2012

The wedding cake is arguably the most significant part of the wedding ceremony as it represents the harmony and sweetness in the upcoming wedded life of the couple. Wedding cake specialists work hard to develop specialist expertise in wedding cake design to deliver the best and exclusive creations to make someone’s wedding unforgettable. The tradition of using cake in the ceremony is very old and dates back to the era of Roman rulers. At that time, cakes were generally made of rolls of wheat and barley which were then thrown at the bride in hope for better and pleasurable married life.

Gradually, the tradition got altered but the meaning behind this custom hasn’t changed at all even in the 22nd Century – ask for joyful, vivid and fortuity in the newlywed couple’s life.

After roman times, these rolls were turned into single piece cakes. This cake was cut by the groom and throw on the bride’s head in the expectation for luck and richness. This tradition was found to be a little messy and so got altered and celebrated in a more sophisticated way .I.e people started to eat the cakes! In the present time, cutting the cake is a key part of the wedding ceremony thus place considerable importance on the wedding cake.

These days you’ll find numerous varieties in wedding cakes that you can pick as per your specific requirements, financial needs and occasional demand.  Plus, online shopping changes the entire system for wedding arrangements. When you explore the world of web in your hunt for a great wedding cake you can find inspiration across many sites such as These Beautiful Wedding Cakes made by expert bakers.

Beautiful White Wedding Cakes Pictures, Images, Photos, HD Wallpapers

Beautiful White Wedding Cakes

Why Is White So Popular for Weddings?

White seems to be the first choice for most wedding couples due to its natural beauty, sophisticated nature and symbol of purity. But, most of the wedding cakes available in earlier times were white not because the color indicated tranquility but because getting constituents for a colored icing were complicated to acquire. One more thing, polished sugar is a key element in wedding cake and it’s mainly available in white. So, if you really want to bring prosperity and joy in your wedding life order white cake – symbol of peace and affluence.

Personally I choose white is the best wedding color as it offers a royal touch even a small function that is unable to attain with other colors.

Why People Save The Uppermost Toping Of Cake?

I know, there are lots people that may be shocked after reading this heading but don’t be because there are various couples all over the world who will save the upper cake topping and freeze it until their first anniversary. This part can be eaten by both of them in the order to celebrate their successful married life. I know, numerous people will find this stupid but it’s quite romantic and best way to show your love. I will definitely try this in my personal life…….

Latest Trends Regarding Wedding Cake Top:

Everybody loves to follow tradition especially when it comes to wedding but consistent changes are also desirable to make the ritual more innovative and comfortable to follow. Recently, my friend got married and she planned to eat her cake on her third month anniversary in its place of one year as she believed that having cake top after a year is very difficult.

One can try these tricks as per their own style to add more spice, love and excitement in their marriage life.

Author Bio: Emma Stacey is a regular wedding blogger and has a number of blogs specifically about wedding matters.

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