All you Need to Know about Sun Spots and Tinea Versicolor Spots

March 10, 2013

The term (‘sunspots’) is today used by people to describe all sorts of skin disorders. Once a single pimple appears on the skin, majority of people end up assuming it is the ‘sunspots’ condition. As a matter of fact, people have gone to an extent of referring to age spots as sunspots. Majority of theses explanations are plain baseless misconceptions. So, what exactly are ‘sunspots’? Basically, theses are spots that are white in color that appear mainly around the shoulder region only after one has been in the sun for a long period of time. Take for example after a day at the beach or a topless day in the basketball court. The scientific terminology used for theses spots is Tinea Versicolor.

All you Need to Know about Sun Spots and Tinea Versicolor Spots

All you Need to Know about Sun Spots and Tinea Versicolor Spots

As explained by expert dermatologists, Tinea Versicolor is majorly caused by yeasts located within one’s skin. It is a yeast infection. However, the appearing of the rash is not quite common. Yeats is present on the skin but only a handful actually gets to have the rash appear on the skin. The spots are commonly found to be white but can appear in a number of other colors, hence the term “versicolor”. The word is used to refer to its versatility when it comes to colors. The most common colors in this case include brown, tan and orange.

Most cases of Tinea Versicolo or sunspots that have been reported have come about after people spend a day or two having fun at the beach. As earlier stated, it all comes about after the skin is exposed to the sun for a while. The shoulders are always the most affected region of the body since sun rays majorly reach this region. From above, the shoulders are the most accessible part of the body hence their high susceptibility to the condition. For many, it all starts with the skin turning tan due to the sun. After a while is when the white spots begin to appear. Yeast in body tends to produce an acid by the name azeleic. This is the acid that is majorly responsible for the white spots. Once exposed to the sun, the yeast produces the acid. Once released, the acid tends to hinder the proper functioning of the melanocytes, which are the cells in the skin responsible for producing pigments. This also explains why dermatologists tend to use azeleic cream as a bleaching agent for people suffering from hyperpigmentation.

How is the Tinea Versicolor condition treated? A number of people normally go for Selsun Blue to treat their sunspots. However, this can only work after years of applying the shampoo. It is mildly effective. Dermatologists will advice one to use anti-fungal cream such as Ketoconazole after keen assessment of the condition. Some will be prescribed with a number of pills to be taken for around 2 days. Alternatively, there are some home remedies such as the use of vinegar and mustard seed oil on the affected areas. Though not fully approved, they have been found to be rather effective for those who have already tried them.

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