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July 3, 2014

Throughout the year number of festivals, occasions and celebrations are observed by people across the world. Auspicious ceremonies such as marriage is considered to be an important part of everyone’s life that comes once in a lifetime. Every culture has its unique set of traditions and manner to celebrate and organize their special occasions. But, one thing is common among all the people of different countries. It is a feeling of making the occasion the most memorable time of their life. People spend lots of money and time to get the best out of the lot.

Sky Lanterns have become most common way to add charm and beauty with elegance in every festivity and celebration. They are usually seen in marriage functions and anniversaries where lot of people gather to celebrate the journey of newly wedded couples. The sight of the sky is undoubtedly mesmerizing and enchanting for everyone. It is worth each penny you would spend on buying these beautiful Flying Lanterns. However, the show lasts for few minutes but leave an unforgettable impact on the people present at the occasion. Nowadays, many people also use them in special occasions such as Valentine’s Day to propose their crush, New Year’s Eve and other cultural festivals such as Diwali celebrated in India.

Flying Sky Lanterns

Flying Sky Lanterns

Apparently, sky lanterns look beautiful and are frequently used around the world for various purposes. But, there are certain safety precautions that one should take while using them. Just like firecrackers, Sky lanterns also need supervision care so that they do not harm anyone.

Safety instructions for using Sky Lanterns:

  • It should be only used in a calm weather conditions. Avoid using them during windy days/nights or when there is a possibility of storm.
  • It should be only used in open spaces, i.e countryside like places to avoid collisions with buildings. Choose a less developed area or locality for flying them.
  • It is not recommended for children less than 16 years of age. They may mishandle them that can cause accidents and fire. A strict supervision is required for its better functioning.
  • Avoid wearing fire catching clothes such as nylon.
  • Do not use them near airports or under flight paths. Make sure there is a clear space for the lanterns to fly in the sky and are not obstructed by pylons or overhead cables.
  • It is advisable to keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby while lighting the sky lanterns so that any fire caused by mishandling can be taken care of in the very beginning
  • Do not add any weight to the lanterns that may cause downfall. It is very risky and can have dangerous effects.

Flying lanterns can also be purchased on the internet nowadays. Make sure you choose a reputable and tested online retailer to get a quality product. You may also encounter various companies supplying china made lanterns online at a very low price. Do not buy from them as chinese lanterns are not considered good in quality which are often very dangerous.

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