Achieve Better Vision without Prescription Eyeglasses

January 22, 2013

Our eyes are effectively our windows to the world and therefore, are constantly being used. The only times the eyes are at rest is when we go to sleep. We can safely say that our eyes are one of the most overworked parts of our body. They do rebel at times and tell us when they need a break, but there are small things we can do naturally to help our eyes stay in good health. This article will delve into things we can do to improve our vision without wearing prescription glasses.

Achieve Better Vision Without Prescription Eyeglasses

Achieve Better Vision Without Prescription Eyeglasses

Alternative Eye Care

1. Eye exercises/ Visual training – There are exercises we can do with our eyes that are neither gender nor age specific. Eye exercises can be used to help children, and the elderly improve their vision naturally. An effective exercise routine is to blink frequently when you need to concentrate hard as this helps the eyes to relax. Another method is to rest your eyes periodically by looking away into the distance. The farther you look the more the muscles of your eyes will relax. If you wear glasses or contact lenses remove them while doing your eye exercise as this will help you in your bid is to decrease dependency on them for vision clarity.

Dry eyes can be helped by blinking rapidly while changing your focus from near objects to far objects. Give your eyes a break during your computer time and do some eye exercises.

2. Nutrition and rest – Various parts of our body demand their own nutrition, in addition to what we ingest. The skin and nails need their own moisture and topical nutrients to stay healthy. The same goes for our eyes. Use eye compresses or packs to relax, refresh and nourish your eyes. There are a range of things you can use to make great eye compresses. These include beets and cucumbers which help relieve eyestrain and milk helps you get the sparkle back in those weary eyes. Other things you can use include lavender oil, goldenseal tea, orange juice and potato.

3. Pinhole glasses – Pinhole glasses are growing in popularity because they effectively encourage your eyes to exercise from the moment you put them on. The eyes are constantly engaged in a process of adjusting the filtered light so that the muscles become stronger. These glasses help the eyes to do things habitually so that, over a short period of time, the eyes adapt and start functioning on their own. These glasses are used to treat a number of eye conditions – including cataracts. The glasses only have to be worn a few minutes per day for a few days to start seeing results.

There are natural remedies that can help us improve reduced vision. These remedies are not costly and do not require a great deal of our time. Healing your sight through alternative means will help you feel liberalized as you regain your independence. Who wants to be confined to wearing prescription glasses all their lives and doling out huge sums of cash to do so while their sight still deteriorates? From simple eye exercises to the use of the very effective pinhole glasses, more and more people are reaching for their independence as they liberalize themselves from dependence on prescription glasses.

Kelly Padmore is a holistic health fan who has been using pinhole glasses for almost a year. She likes to blog about her health insights online. Click here to learn more about vision without glasses.

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