A Mans Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

March 19, 2013

Buying an Engagement Ring, A Mans Guide

If you speak to the jeweler on your local high street, they will most likely tell you that there has been a move away from tradition in recent years. Now days it is a lot more popular for both the bride and groom to go and pick out an engagement ring together, rather than the groom go and buy one to surprise the bride with. One big reason for this s a lot of couples will tend to live together before they get married, and it can also be because the bride wants to get something that she is going to be happy with. For many men, they might not know where to start when choosing a ring which is why they are more open to discussing it beforehand. This blog is a great place for clueless people to get started with fundamental research on engagement rings.

A Mans Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

Being Subtle

You can still be very subtle and find out what your future wife likes without openly asking her the question. Why don’t you go for a walk around town and take a look in the jeweler’s window, pay attention to any comments that she makes regards particular styles of the ring and make a mental note of them. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology used then it can be quite daunting. You may also fear the myth that you are supposed to spend two months salary on a ring. This is a total fabrication which was started in the 1940’s by the DeBeers Company in order to get returning soldiers to spend all of their hard earned money on the girls that they love. An engagement ring is a symbol of your love for your partner and should not be judged by the amount of money it costs who how much Bling it has. If you love your partner and want to marry her, buy a ring and ask her, there is no point delaying because of the cost. Most jewellery stores will be able to offer you credit which can ease the financial burden somewhat.

Find out her size!

This can be a tricky one without giving too much away. Some women wear a ring on their ring finger which means you will be able to find out the size of the ring easily enough. A good ploy to do this if you also wear some sort of jewellery is to say to your partner you are taking your jewellery in to be cleaned and say you want to take hers in as well. Then at the jewelers, you will be able to measure the ring and find out the exact size required. An alternative way is to speak to one of her close friends and explain the situation, ask them to keep your confidence and see if they can find out the size for you. They may already know the size or they may be able to assist with a cunning plan in order to find this out for you. This way you can make it a surprise and really take them off guard.

A bit more help

If you are still unsure of the type of ring to get then you can enlist further help from your partner’s friend and see if they have any insight into the preferences of your future wife. You may even be able to rope in their mum or sister to help with this, but it is best that as few people know as possible to make sure that it remains a surprise. Remember, loose lips sink ships! Everybody has different tastes so your girlfriend may like a certain ring made from a set precious material.

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Diamonds
  • Antique

You may even be able to get a good deal on a ring when you travel abroad as you may find the price can be cheaper. You can easily get antique engagement rings n Australia, Europe, USA, South Africa or any other country that you visit and with the exchange rates, if they go in your favor, you may be able to make a significant saving. Then when you have the ring, all you need to do is keep it a secret and pop the question before she finds out.


Misty Angel wrote and contributed for Kalmar Antiques. This antique dealer has a wide selection of antique engagement rings are really good prices. Misty is a seasoned blogger and writer who likes to share her thoughts and experiences. She loves collecting antique jewellery online.

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