A Lowdown on Buying Tips for plus Sized Women

November 6, 2012

Finding a good range of lingerie options for plus sized women is a lot easier now than it was in the past. Nowadays, you can find a whole range of lingerie of different styles and colors that perfectly complement voluptuous figures. With a few tips and suggestions to get you started, the task of choosing some great plus sized lingerie will only be made easier for you.

Get Your Measurements Correct

This is the most important part of getting the right plus sized lingerie. Every body shape can look beautiful provided it is complemented by the right kind of lingerie style. For example, women with a heavier bust must go for something with a good amount of support. However, if you are looking for something to cinch your waistline then make sure you choose something that satisfies your measurements of the hips, waist and bust. It is also advisable to get lingerie with without seams. This is because clothes on plus sized women tend to hug the skin tighter and seamless lingerie will help in giving off a smooth and rounded look.

Getting the Right Bra

Most women start off their lingerie experimentation by venturing into different types of brassieres. That is why it is important for you to measure your bust perfectly. The best way to do this is by measuring your breasts at the nipple level and around your back along the bra line. To check on the fit of a particular bra, try on a soft t-shirt and see if the bra is noticeable from indentations on the back and the shoulders. If it does then discard it for a less tighter bra. It is highly important that you do not overlook this factor as it has a greater say on your overall comfort with the lingerie.

Define Your Sex Appeal & Body Type

Whatever you choose just make sure that the lingerie suits your type of body. There are predominantly three types of female bodies, viz. apple shaped (slim at top with a bulky middle), column shaped (straight and balanced figure) and pear shaped (bulky waist and hips but a slimmer bust). Once you are confident as to where your sex appeal resides the most, choosing lingerie becomes child’s play.

Type of Fabric

Plus sized lingerie is made from a number of different types of fabric. This includes vinyl, leather, silk, cotton, satin, nylon, velvet, rayon and a few other synthetic fibers. They are also available in many different patterns and designs like dots, plain ones, crisscrosses and some other decorations. There are also the various shades to choose from including lavender, red, black, scarlet, baby pink, beige, white and silver. Although there are many other choices, the ones just mentioned are the most popular and attractive ones. Lastly, comes the option of choosing among the various trimmings like mesh, lace, ribbons, net etc.

Once you have decided on these aspects an entire range of amazing plus sized lingerie awaits you. Some of the most popular lingerie options for plus sized women include:

  • Corsets
  • Body shapers
  • Babydoll lingerie
  • Push-up bras
  • Opaque black tights

Being aware of your requirement is the foremost thing to do before roving your eyes on the availability. Once you are decided on the needs, you are sure to find the best plus sized inners for yourself.

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