A Guide for plus Sized Women to Find a Perfect Pair of Jeans

October 10, 2012

No woman can deny the allure of a pair of classic denims. Such is the style and comfort associated with this legendary piece of clothing. Today one can buy jeans in many different types of styles and designs. The same options are available for plus sized women also. However, the key to making the most of a pair of jeans lies in choosing one as per the body type. Read on to know more about the different types of jeans for plus sized women.

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Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans with a straight leg are most suited to women with curves. They help to show off slimmer legs while accentuating your natural curves. However, women with a heavier top half of the body should avoid jeans with a narrow straight leg style. This is because such jeans add more bulk to the upper body’s appearance. The same can also be said of women with a lower bottom half. Narrow legged and straight jeans on such women can make the legs and thighs look restricted and bulging. Women with a straight shaped body are best served with styles that add curves to their appearance, which means a strict no to straight legged ones.

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans have a very distinct advantage in the sense that they add shape and volume in a very subtle manner to the body’s lower half. As such, this makes boot cut jeans ideal for women with a heavier top half of the body. The same also stands for curvy women as the leg’s extra volume results in a more balanced look. Women with a straight figure should also look towards boot cut jeans as they add some shape to their figures. Here again, bottom heavy women should avoid boot cut jeans as the extra lower leg volume will only play to their disadvantage.

Utility Jeans

Most of the jeans meant for casual or utility purposes tend to be loose fitting and wide legged. Such type of jeans look great on women with a heavier top body as the wide legs help add volume to the lower half of the body. Naturally, women with a greater part of their weight in the lower body need to avoid these kinds of utility jeans.

Wide Leg Jeans

Marked by their wide legs and great level of comfort, wide legged jeans are ideal for women weighing more at the bottom. They also appear very good on women with a straight figure. This is because the wide leg look adds some volume to the body, thereby making it appear more curvy and yet balanced.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans tend to suit almost every type of body. Women with a curvy body will find that flared jeans accentuate their curves while those with a heavier top half benefit from an increased sense of balance. Straight bodied women too benefit from the added volume of flared jeans. However, flared jeans are most inappropriate for women heavier at the lower part of their body.

All though pretty simple and straightforward in terms of information, this guide will surely help you in choosing the right kind of jeans that complements your body perfectly.

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