7 Sure shot Ways to Get Thicker Hair

July 15, 2014

Every woman desires of thick hair. Now, you can also get thick hair to look great. A really popular way is Virgin Remy Hair Extensions. Another way is to take help from numerous natural products. Here, I will reveal some such products that hold the secret to thick and beautiful hair. Have a look at some products to get thicker hair:

  1. Coffee for Thicker Hair:

All of us love to drink a hot cup of coffee. Interestingly, it can also be used for making hair thicker. Even numerous researches affirm this fact. The scientific researches claim that coffee holds the potential to stimulate hair follicles by up to 40 percent. And to get the  benefit, you’ve to apply coffee on your hair.

  1. Neem:

In South East Asia, neem is a popular natural product to make hair thicker.  It deals with excess of sebum that could be the actual reason behind your thin & weak hair.  It will help you hair to get maximum nutrients as well.

It should be noted that neem is known for numerous health benefits in South Asia as well.  So, it should be accepted that this natural product is a great medicinal tool for everyone.

  1. BIOTIN Supplements:

The deficiency of biotin could be the reason you’re suffering from thin and weak hair.  So, biotin supplements are recommended to get better hair structure.  In fact, this product is found in numerous hair products. I know that it is not a natural product but it could get you thicker hair.

It should be noted that biotin is not just helpful for your hair. It can enhance your body metabolism, so it will help your body in general as well.

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Ways to Get Thicker Hair


It is another great way to gain thicker hair.  Actually Pantothenic acid is another name of Vitamin B5. Very few people actually know that lack of this nutrient can actually hamper your hair.  It is crucial for your hair health.

You can increase Vitamin B5 in your body with the help of supplements. It will help you get beautiful thick hair.

  1. MSM:

MSM or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a natural sulfur compound. In scientific terms, it is building block for human hair. So, many hair extensions expert recommend MSM products. These products will help your hair to become thinker and more appealing.  Many MSM products are available in the market.

  1. Saw Palmetto:

It is a type of palm plant in some regions of United States of America. A few researches point out that it helps in hair growth.  If you’re suffering from thin hair due to hormonal imbalance, you should try saw palmetto.  Buy some products from saw palmetto to improve your hair structure.

  1. Fatty Acids:

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are important in maintaining a healthy body.  They are also responsible for making your hair thicker. It is also claimed that these fatty acids are helpful in cell growth.  These nutrients can decide your hair structure.  In the market, there are several products available with different fatty acids.

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