7 Mistakes I have Committed While Workout

March 9, 2013

Workout is the best medicine to stay away from diseases. But, it is essential to do it properly otherwise, it may be little dangerous. Here are the 7 Worst Training Mistakes I’ve Ever Made

Several new exercises come up with a new hope every year. Some may be helpful, while some may have bad effect on health. Although, no exercise gives bad experience as it depends on how one do that. Sometimes exercise with minimum time and with extra time always put bad effect on health. So, it is very essential to adopt them properly.

Top 7 Training Mistakes

Top 7 Training Mistakes

I am a young guy and like other youngsters, I am also fond of exercises. To keep myself fit and energetic, I always prefer good work out. But in past, I have also done some mistakes, which comes into the worst training mistakes that I have ever made. Seven of them are:

1. I did mistake in Warm-up: Before work out, it is essential to prepare yourself for the exercise and the best way is to warm up, but in my matter, I thought I have done it painfully. While doing rotation stretch, I had done a blunder mistake. That hard stretching helps me in learning that over stretching causes big troubles.

2. I Did Not Much Fat: It doesn’t matter that you want to gain or lose weight, a proper and filled with fat diet is necessary. When I had enough weight, I thought that I must say no to fat, but believe it went all wrong. I found that some of my body parts were not properly working. While doing work out don’t hesitate to get fat filled diet.

3. Overtraining: Believe me; body needs time to grow properly. If you thinking like me that with fast exercise or by picking heavy weights, your body will grow faster, then believe me you are wrong.

4. Mistakes in Training: once I tried to pick dumbbells of heavy weight. It was my stupidity or ego, which forced me to do that, as it caused a bad injury in my back. I felt pain for several days. It was a huge mistake.

5. Used weight that were too light or heavy: Sometimes, to go home early, I used to pick weight too low or sometime when I was in happy, I used to pick heavy weight. I was unaware that these will put a very bad effect on my entire body. I thought, I have wrongly estimated my strength.

6. I did same workout: Rotation is very necessary. I wish I learnt that before making mistake. I wanted one section my body to grow more. In that, I used to do follow same workout plan, but it went against me. It put bad impact on my body shape.

7. Avoided Trainer: Trainers are the true helper. They knew that what is good for our body. In my past, I used to avoid the advices given by the trainer. I was following my own plan, which was a blunder mistake. Always keep in your mind that you are a beginner and your trainer knows what you should do in beginning. I will never repeat my mistake again.

Always remember that even a medicine works properly if you take it in secure amount. Don’t take your workout as a joke; otherwise it will lead towards blunder mistake.

About The Author: Lisa Presley is a blogger/writer who loves to write on health and fitness topics. Visit her website to know why most people pursue counselling.

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