6 Ideas for Your College First Date

September 14, 2016

Being in college is a great time to stop thinking about studying only. It’s a time for making new acquaintances and, of course, dating. When you’ve been assigneda difficult topic to write an essay on, you can always get professional essay writing help online. But when you’re planning your first date with someone you have feelings for, there’s not much online help you can get – you should use your own creativity and inspiration to arrange something exciting to impress that person. Still, we have some ideas to share for you to get inspired.

Visit an Amusement Park

Going to a theme park is a favorite pastime for most teenagers and students. There are many ways to have fun once you’re there. For those with adventurous hearts, a roller coaster will give a chance to experience a thrill, while romance lovers may use this opportunity as an excuse to touch each other’s hands for the first time. Dozens of rides, various games, and many yummy things in a food court will make this day special and unforgettable for both of you.

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Drink Coffee

Visiting a café is one of the typical cheap date ideas. Wait, no, it’s not typical – it’s classic. While inviting someone to a dinner may hardly fit into a college student’s budget, this option is rather affordable. You surely know some nice local coffee shops in your area where the two of you can have good time talking, getting to know each other closer, and enjoying some hot drinks. By the way, there are so many different types of coffee today! Besides the well-known espresso, americano, cappuccino, and latte, there are many other options to choose so you both can turn it into a little adventure by trying out something new.

Go Bowling or Play Billiards

A bar or a club where you can play these games is a great place to go out with someone you like if you are both active and like doing something interesting. You will never be bored there. You can even engage in a little competition, and the one who wins will challenge another one to do something exciting. When you get tired, you can always take a break, for example, having some pizza with drinks and a casual conversation.

See a Cartoon

Many couples watchromantic movies on their first dates. However, going for cartoons or animation movies is also among good first date ideas. It helps you create a nice relaxed atmosphere and reminds you that you both are still children. It’s a kind of activity that can be done when the weather isn’t so fine. Besides, you can get low-cost tickets in the movie theaters that offer discounts for students. If it seems like there’s nothing interesting in local cinema listings, you can always turn your own home into a cinema – just make some popcorn, bring something to drink, and cuddle with your sweetheart on a couch watching something nice.

Take a Walk

Sounds quite simple, right? However, spending your time just walking around the town will never go out of fashion, especially if you choose a neighborhood the two of you have never been to. It’s easy to start an interesting conversation on the go. Just start discussing what you see around you. If you begin in evening rather than in midday or afternoon, you can end up by staring at the stars somewhere in a quiet place.Obviously, summer nightsare perfect for such a pastime. If you’ve missed your chance to invite a person you like in summer and now it’s already cool outside, there are also lots of nice winter date ideas to impress that special one.

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Attend an Event

For those who enjoy being in public, a local music show or a comedy show would be an excellent choice. A good thing to keep in mind is each other’s tastes. If one of you likes pop music and another one prefers jazz, it will be hard to find a concert where you two will feel equally comfortable. As for the comedy, most people like to laugh so chances are high that you will enjoy the show unless the comedian can’t really joke. Anyway, it will be nice to finish the night off with a walk, discussing your impressions of the event.

Final Tips

So, you have now some suggestions to think over. You’re free to use one of them or come up with your own idea and organize a perfect night for you and your special one. Just remember – when you go out on a first date, it’s important to create a good first impression so be sure to learn what is in trend in order to look original and stylish, but still don’t attempt to be someone you’re not.

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