6 Easy and Stylish Hairstyles

March 27, 2013

Most women like to put a great deal of efforts to look good every day. Their hairstyles create a major impact on their personalities. Some like the tom boy looks, while others prefer looking more feminism.  It’s not in vane when people say, the way you look outside, determines the way you feel inside.

Easy and Stylish Hairstyles

Easy and Stylish Hairstyles

Given below is a list of 6 Easy and Stylish hairstyles recommended by majority of hair stylist in Melbourne you can get done this coming season:

Highlights for Brunettes

Brunettes and highlights have always exited separately, but his season it’s time to blend the two to give a complete makeover to the way you look. There are plenty of color options for burnets, from the sizzling golden, to the wild reds, and deep purples, it all depends on what you most like. Highlighting a few streaks in the brunettes with undertone colors is what most women this season are looking forward to.

Pixie Haircuts

For all the tom boy women out there, who’d like to keep their hair short and trimmed the new pixie styles are meant for you. The finer the quality of hair, the better a pixie turns out to be. The hairstyle can be molded according to volume and texture you desire. Easiest to maintain, it take a few minutes to get it set every day. If you want you can get it layered too. This will bring out the fullness of your hair.

Long hair with layers

Long hairstyles are mostly about controlling the volume of your hair, and making it more manageable, yet stylish. A number of things can be done with long hair, but the most common to either shed some volume or gain some is getting it layered. And, unlike thought, they will not make it messy for you, but every time you wash them, the layers will stand out more imposingly. Many times natural curls are formed in layered hair and that only make things better.

Gypsy haircuts

If you like your hair a bit messy, then the best option for you is the Gypsy haircuts. These haircuts are best suited for thick hair. Whether you wear your hair long or of medium length, they’ll look good either ways. It was first during the 70s when the gypsy shags had gained popularity because they stuck around as easy to maintain hairstyles. You can see you images first, and then decide if you’d really like to look a bit messy at all times.

Pageboy haircuts

If you’re fond of the bob hairstyle, but bored of its usual looks, it’s time to try it with a twist. The name pageboy comes from an English Page boy, who wore the hairstyle. It makes the bob look more retro, and can be a low-maintenance hair style for a number of face cuts. Best for women with naturally straight hair, others will have to put in some effort every morning to make it look good all the way.

Medium length haircuts

Whether you have thick locks, or thin locks, medium haircuts can enhance your looks to a great extent. Low on maintenance, medium length hair can be made to look extremely sexy during the summers. Combine them a bob in the front, or get it layered. Having a few side fringes is also a good idea. There are plenty of things one can experiment with when getting hair length reduced from long to medium.

Author: Claire is a professional beautician & owner of beauty salon in Melbourne. We provide a high quality, professional & efficient service to both male & female clients with a focus on Hair Salon Melbourne.

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