5 Tips to Remove Armpit Fat for Men

July 20, 2012

There are certain areas in one’s body that can accumulate more fat than others. Aside from the stomach area, your armpits can also have accumulated fat. There’s no specific formula or exercise that would target the elimination of armpit fat, it can only be removed by losing weight altogether. Here are some tips you can start doing.

Regular Exercise. Armpit fat is a result of having too much fat in your body. This means that you’re most likely overweight. Although some thin people can have armpit fat, they are fewer in number compared to those who are overweight. One way to shed off those excess fats is through exercise. Exercise is not limited to gym activity only. You can start with walking, jogging, stretching, and other movement. You can also make conscious choices that easily translate to exercising such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or using your bicycle to go to work instead of your car. Arm exercises will also help in removing armpit fat like push-ups, shoulder press, chest press, and pull downs at the gym.

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Decrease Calorie Intake. Losing weight involves lessening your calorie intake. You need to make smart choices in the food you eat. You have to burn more calories than what you consume. Take baby steps on this one. You can start by lessening the portion of your meals. You don’t have to immediately deprive yourself of the food you used to eat. You can still eat the same food but in smaller portions. From there, gradually stay away from those with too much sugar and fat. The key word you ought to remember here is “gradually.” Drastic dieting can often lead to not only quick weight loss but also quick weight gain. As you lose weight in the process, your armpit fat will go as well.

5 Tips to Remove Armpit Fat for Men

Small Frequent Feedings. You might have heard this term before from your doctors. Small frequent feedings mean that you eat every two to three hours in smaller portions than eating huge servings during meal time. The advantage of this eating scheme is that it speeds up your metabolism because it’s at work most of the time. Large meals taken three times a day can slow down your metabolism as it shuts down with the long intervals in between meals. Eating small meals six times a day is far better than three full meals in a day. This will also keep you full most of the time, which can help you avoid overeating.

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Cut the Carbs. If you want to lose weight faster, you can look at your diet and evaluate what food groups you need to eliminate. Carbohydrate-rich foods are one of the most fattening ones. Start cutting the carbs by lessening your rice intake. Grains and bread are high in carbohydrates. Sugar, candy, chocolates, and other sweets are rich in carbs, too. Try to steer away from anything made of flour. Once you cut on carbohydrates, you can easily see evident weight loss.

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Go Green Tea. It’s not only the food you eat or not eat that can help you lose weight. The liquids that you drink can help you, too. Drinking green tea has numerous benefits and one of them is increasing your metabolism. The antioxidants found in green tea helps you digest your food faster. As an offshoot, you’ll burn more calories and shed off that unwanted armpit fat. Drinking green tea three to five cups a day will give you the best weight loss results. Losing armpit fat can be done by having a well-balanced diet and exercise. You don’t need to have a liposuction done to remove it. Actually, it’s best to go with a full healthy diet to lose weight. It will not only remove armpit fat but also obliterate all the love handles and other awkward body fat that bothers you. Losing weight the healthy way will also strengthen your body and give you more energy.

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