5 Tips for choosing your dream watch

April 23, 2013

There are lots of aspects to consider when trying to find that perfect watch for you. Watches are a subtle accessory that say more about you than you might think. Whether you want a watch that will last you decades or you want one that says something about who you are (or maybe both), there are many factor to think over.

The first thing to consider is your price range. Depending on the brand, watches can be priced between $5 and $50,000. You need to consider how much you want to spend on your dream watch. Once you’ve narrowed this down, it should eliminate a broad spectrum of options. If money is not an issue for you, then the sky is the limit and you’re more likely to consider aspects like appearance, features, durability etc. However, if money is an important factor in your decision, then you need to establish how much you can afford and how important it is to you.

5 Tips for choosing your dream watch

Rolex Watch

The second thing you have to consider is how long you expect or want your watch to last. The longevity of a watch can vary greatly but is usually easy to identify. Most makes that have a long life expectancy will have this point as one of their main selling features. These will usually be made of materials that are able to take large amounts of impact such as rubber, so as to protect the inner mechanisms of the watch. More elegantly styled watches tend to be made more aesthetically orientated and have an equal potential to last a long time provided they are adequately cared for.

The features that are included in the watch may also be worth considering, whether the watch is analogue or digital, or both. Whether it has countdown timers and stopwatches built into it. Features being built into watches are constantly improving, with things like GPS tracking co-ordinates being designed into their displays. The features you want or require in your dream are completely based on individual requirements so you will have to determine what you need the watch for and whether these things are necessary for you.

The style of the watch is another aspect which most people consider when looking for their dream watch. Watches come in a myriad of styles, ranging from classic analogue watches (new or restored) to modern hi-tech watches. Different materials such as brass, silver compounds, rubber, glass, jewel-encrusted, alloy compounds and many more are all used in modern watch production, leaving the desired style solely to personal preference. Each style tends to convey a different image or message about the person wearing them and the impact of this image is as varied as the range of styles.

Certainly, these different conveyed statements are usually associated with certain lifestyles, cultures and social stature. Expensive brand names usually convey images of wealth or affluence, whereas watches designed for durability can convey an active lifestyle. This leaves the desired impact of the watch and what you want it to say about you completely in your hands.

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