5 Things to Know to Choose the Right Blanket

July 21, 2014

Whether you realize it or not, sleep is one of the most important things you will do over the course of the next 24 hours.  Without sleep, our bodies can’t heal, our minds can’t rest and process experiences into our memory banks and most of all, we just can’t function at peak physical and mental capacity the next day.  Depending on what you’re doing, this could get you fired or even killed—drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of fatal auto accidents!

This is why it’s so important that you choose the right sleep and bedding products to help you get the best night’s sleep possible.  Being comfortable is a matter of not being too hot or too cold, not being itchy or feeling like you are sliding off the sheets—it’s a matter of finding the perfect blanket to get the ultimate rest each and every night.

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Things to Know to Choose the Right Blanket

Five Factors to Consider When Buying a Blanket for Your Bed

To help you with this important decision, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to buying a blanket so that you can get the best night’s sleep of your life, every time your head hits the pillow.

  • Choose the Right Material.  The right material for your blanket is going to depend on your preferences.  Are you a “hot sleeper” or a “cold sleeper?”  If you sleep hot, consider polyester or a mixed cotton blend for your blanket.  If you sleep cold, a wool blanket or a down comforter will be best for you.  Of course, there are alternatives such as moisture wicking materials which are great for people who wake up in a sweat.  There are even materials that pull the heat from your body when you are too hot and store them in the blanket, releasing them when your body temperature drops to give you the perfect temperature all through the night.
  • Choose the Right Size.  The best way to choose the size blanket you need is by the size of your bed—a queen blanket for a queen bed, etc.  But if you have a sleeping partner, you might want to consider an oversized blanket.  These typically only come for king, queen and full beds, but depending on the brand, you might find them in twin, single and even junior beds.  Further, there are typically a few inches differences in the sizes so if your queen bed sits on a high frame, you might want to go for a larger queen blanket and vice versa if you have a lower bed frame.
  • Choose the Right Weight.  The weight of the blankets is generally tied in with the material, but for certain blankets, you will have some options.  For example, down comforters have fill weights.  The fill weight is a number which represents the amount of down in one cubic inch of the blanket.  The higher the fill weight number, the more down is in the blanket, meaning the more weight it has, the better it is able to trap air and thus, the warmer and pricier it is.  Some blankets will also be weighted around the edges, making them better as “throws” when tossing them over the bed since the weight will keep them hanging down
  • Choose the Right Color.  While you might not think much about the color of the blanket aside from having it match the color scheme in your bedroom, there are a few more things to think about.  For instance, with children, brighter colors make the bed more psychologically inviting, something that will come in handy when the child doesn’t want to go to sleep.  For adults, subdued earth tones help you fall asleep faster, though if these colors turn you off, you should pick a color that gives you a good feeling.  When you associate this good feeling with the bed, you will sleep better.
  • Get the Best Price.  Finally, it’s important that you find the best price on the blanket you choose.  In most cases, you will be able to find lower prices for blankets online as opposed to retail stores—even factory warehouses.  That’s because all of the middleman fees, stocking fees, rent for the brick and mortar location, etc., are all put into the price of the blanket.  When you shop online for blankets, not only do you have a wider selection in blankets, but you don’t have the additional fees tacked on.  Add in free shipping and sale prices and it’s easy to see why the best prices for blankets are at online retailers and vendors.

Author Bio – James Andrews, the author of this guest post writes occasionally on behalf of Down Comforter World, pioneer in providing the best quality of down comforters.

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