5 party wears

October 22, 2013

The thought of partying keeps you going through the weekdays; Fridays are marked with beaming smiles on your faces, and the happiness continues well into the evening. That’s till you stand in front of the dressing mirror with your favorite party dress on, and see something amiss with your style statement.

Rihanna Sparkling Top_Jeans

Sparkling Top with Jeans

A sparkling top is perfect for a night of dancing with your friends. If it is a longish one, try tucking it in your jeans and see if the look suits you. Then, grab some flashy accessories to match the color of the top, and complete the night out look. A bright colored handbag would add more grace and oomph to your style. Of course, sleek and smart skinny heels would seal the case for you.

Clenched Waist Dresses_Ramp Girl

Clenched Waist Dresses

If you need to dress up and look your swashbuckling best for a date, then take the clenched waist route. These dresses are at their peak in terms of attention from renowned fashion brands. Expect your favorite international brands to unveil clenched waist dresses in their winter collections. Opt for a shade of wine, and then depend on your choice of glam accessories to create magic. Quilted bags will lend you a lot of class, and so will a silver bangle. High heel pumps should be your referred footwear.

Shakira in Sequin Top_Leather Jackets_Jeans

Sequin Top with Leather Jackets and Jeans

Dressing up for a party where you know you’ll get a heavy dose of alcohol, both to consume as well as sprayed on your clothes, then is the time to put your thinking caps on and dress accordingly. A sequin top, ideally of a dark shade so that spilled beer doesn’t seem obvious and a neat leather jacket would win it for you. Not only will you maintain the cool quotient expected from you on a night of drinking and dancing, but also will make you immune from the mishaps of such adventurous nights. Some sparkling artificial jewelry would not be out of place, so give your dressing table’s drawers a quick scan.  Don’t even think of wearing your leather shoes to this party. Instead, blow the dust off your long forgotten ankle boots. Spiky heels should be avoided, as the slippery dance floor will not be a great place to hop in them.

Girl in Tank Top_Hot Cardigan

Tank Top with Hot Cardigan

For the late night dining affair, you would do well to pick up a luxe tank top and a hot cardigan, along with skinny jeans and flats. Blingy jewelry would keep the night shining with your personality. You can easily find some terrific night dresses from Milanoo, a renowned online apparel story hosting all kinds of clothes to help you stay abreast of the fashion trends.

Black Cocktail Party Dress Girl

Cocktail Party Dress

If a cocktail party invitation has got you worried and at a loss of ides, then trust this set to save the night for you. Pick blue or black pumps as footwear, and a dark shaded cocktail party dress. Then, pick up an oversized ring and smart shiny earrings. Or, you can opt for danglers and a sleek ring, the perfect blend of beauty and glitter.

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